ThE WiZarD SleeZe Xs 650..Ardcore Choppers..


Click image to enlarge; The Wizard Sleeze xs650

Ardcore Choppers…

” The Sleeze was built by Ardcore Choppers located in Indinapolis, In.
This is my personal everyday rider as we believe hardtails should be riden and not jut drug out to the local R.U.B night.
The Sleeze will have the distinction of becoming the first ever Jap bike to grace the pages of the ever popular Greasy Kulture magazine out of OZ.
It has been called one of the finest examples of an XS chopper built to date with its unique styling and attention to detail, but I will let you decide if thats true or not..”


Sexy From Every Angle

Some bikes only look good from a distance . This XS650 Chopper looks sexy from every angle.. Look closely at the above deep tunnel gas tank.. There’s plenty to look at.. The orange tangerine metal flake swirls of paint makes the tank look more like a sculpture than a motorcycle gas tank. I dig it..

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about minimalism but I like it with the fender on..




Nice Touch

Another detail you may have notice is the shaved and lowered forks. Springs inside the forks sleeves were cut and spacers installed.. This leaves only a inch or so of suspension but who cares it looks sweet.. Love those bars. The little headlight mounted in tightly and neatly with the metalflake is a nice touch to..


Click picture to enlarge

” It has been called one of the finest examples of an XS chopper built to date with its unique styling and attention to detail, but I will let you decide if thats true or not..”

Yes I would concur with that statement..

Hopefully this will be the first of a long series of posts on Ardcore Choppers…

Ardcore Choppers has hardtail xs650 frames for sale.

Thanks Nate..


  1. coop356 says:

    very nice…different, clean, I love those pipes. i’ve been looking for a set of TT pipes like I had on my old Triumphs. Did you build them? Any help would be appreciated. Coop

  2. admin says:

    Thanks coop356.. I think they’re just cut off headers.

  3. Nate says:

    Thanks Coop,The pipes are our(Ardcore) Top Fools..

  4. trucker920 says:

    AWSOME BIKE you got there I love it!

  5. nick says:

    bro, THAT, is a real Bobber, i’m serious.

    VERY well-done on it, i bet she rides like a beauty too, turns plenty of heads aswell no-doubt.

  6. hans prost says:

    Love the lines, the color, great. Just a perfect clean and mean bobber. Hans Prost.

  7. hans prost says:

    Bu the way, i’m editor of the 653, a Dutch XS 650 magazine and this bike will be in our neXSt issue. Right now i’m doing an article about Ardcore Choppers. Cheers!

  8. Nate says:

    Hans, you should contact me if you need more info..I would also like a copy or 2 of that..thanks Nate

  9. Michael Narozny says:

    That’s a sweet a machine. But I am kinda looking to do most of the work on it myself. I did see that the place that did your frame does offer a hardtail conversion for 500. Im just looking to build a bike that fun and reliable. My one xs650 I had(first bike) died with 70k on it. I miss the fun of goin out and crusing. I blew about 800 bucks in tires on my 01 kawi zx9r last season. The yamaha was just a fun bike and cheap to ride. Want to get back to it.

  10. Nate says:

    Thanks Mike..Just click that banner and check out what else we do…

  11. Michael Narozny says:

    I did and you guys make nice stuff. I would just like to venture out and try it on my own. I have acesss to alot of metal working equipment. I would just like to try it on my own like it was done back in the day. And if it dont work I now know where to go.

  12. JJ2009 says:

    This is probably one of the coolest I’ve seen. Good work mate. i’m in the process of a build and want the exact look as yours. what kind of bars are you using, looks like no clamps? great bike.

  13. S!CK says:

    Damn’ nice ,close to perfection!

  14. Nate says:

    JJ,the bars we made..They are our(ardcore choppers) Fu bars and this was the first bike they were put on and yes the bolt directly to the top triple..
    thanks guys

  15. Scotty says:

    Killer sickle Nate! This is no doubt the inspiration of my build.

    Do you guys sell those oil tank/electrical boxes at Ardcore? I can’t find any that I like except this one.

  16. Nate says:

    we sure do sell ’em. Hit me up at

  17. Billy says:

    I love that machine…just sweet

  18. rj says:

    I built my first chopper using a 72 xs650 in a trackmaster rigid chrome moly frame. took me a long time and it didn’t sell for much money back then. Should have kept it! Strong motor, light bike, beat lots of harleys. Lots of fun to ride. The electrics were a freaking nightmare!

  19. Rusty Nutz says:

    A big, big inspiration. Can’t say enough good things about it. You guys are artists. It caught my attention bigtime. One of the bikes I refer to as I work on my build.

  20. Tom says:

    WoW that is sick! I would trade my 2007 JP spyder for one of these, hell its going on craigslist now.. I want a xs650 chopper/bobber and I will get it soon.

  21. Teebs says:

    I’ve never commented on the Ardcore builds because it has always seemed so unnecessary. Quality, attention to detail, and pure attitude oozes from these chops. Beautiful bikes from real pros.

    I look at ’em for a long time and drool, and then look some more. I don’t worry about commenting because these guys have got it going on and they know it.

    This bike isn’t by any means a pinnacle of innovation, but still… damn. It’s what, in the end, any good bike in my not-so-humble opinion should be all about; simple, clean, functional and subtle style.

    It’s lack of bling is the very thing that makes this bike stand out. It isn’t begging for attention. It’s worthy of adoration and knows it.

    That beautiful shade of orange (my favorite color and part of my own paint scheme) gives the bike the exact right amount of pop… with the fender on. (Or maybe I just dig that color so much I want to see more if it.)

    BTW, when I said subtle, did you check out the very subdued detailing on the tank? Absolutely beautiful…

  22. Nate says:

    Thanks Teebs..

  23. reynoldburton says:

    Whats more to say? One of the best XSs I´ve ever seen!

  24. kenb says:

    Nate Like you have heard before ffffff….. sweet build it has a little far out look Iam diggin it yes it is also on my desk top.
    What tank is that, Ilikey cool lines. Doin paint is your gig if not WOW.
    Thkz for the insperation, Kenny B

  25. Nate says:

    Thanks..The tank is a wassel and yeah I do paint full time…
    I am considering selling the sleeze to do another one so it may be on the ebay soon,but maybe not..hell I don’t know..

  26. Spun says:

    Nate, I’ve seen pictures of your bike with long, wrap around, forward facing intakes. What happened to those? Performance thing? The sleeze is top of the list in my book. I’d hold on to that one, but it would probably be different if I owned it. Happy thanksgiving.

  27. Nate says:

    @Spun, Yeah it had a ram air set up but during the shake down of the bike they were removed and just never got around to putting them back on.
    We did use then first on our “sinister” build and they worked out fine on that bike.

  28. Davo says:

    Nice bike Nate!
    ThE WiZarD SleeZe Xs 650…. is sick with it….
    very C@@L build….
    Hope mine is that niCZ…


  29. Voodude says:

    Those forks are dope. Sell it to me now!

  30. Bozo says:

    Last year i buy a front end springer from ardcorechoppers…i am still waiting for it…they never refound me…and refuse to any of my contacts…very bad transaction…they had 2000 $ from me…very big shame for an international fare.
    P.S. Don’t ever trust them!!!

  31. norm younger says:

    Great bars.

  32. WayRider says:

    beautiful ride man. Love the video too.

  33. mike says:

    How on earth do you go over a bump with that front fork, it looks like theres only 1″ of travel?? Is that how you run it or was it adjusted like that for the pictures?

  34. mick says:

    Its nice, but.