This bike was in pretty bad shape when I bought it. The guy I bought it from was trying to build it and gave up. Good thing he did because it was looking pretty sketchy. I fixed the frame up and started rebuilding everything. I added a 21 front wheel and a 18 rear, wrapped them with some new tires.

Used the front stock fender for the rear, built up some mid controls and new handlebars, shaved the mounts off the fork.

How long have you been building bikes and is Cannonball Custom Cycles your main gig?

I have been building bikes for 7 years now and Cannonball Custom Cycles has been my main gig for 4 years. This is my 4th XS650 full build, shop bike first, rat race second, black mamba third and now 2nd chance. However I have done about 4 partial xs builds for other customers.


How long did this bike take to build?

This bike took about 2 months to build.


It looks like you sandblasted the Rams?

Yeah the rims were walnut blasted, in order to get all the rust off and make both rims look an even color. I was going to powdercoat the rims until I saw how cool they looked after they were blasted.

Is the engine rebuilt?

The engine is fully stock,besides pipes and re jetted and tuned carbs.

Is there anything that we wouldn’t notice by just looking at the pics?

Nothing really super trick went into building this bike, the only thing people might not notice is that the front wheel is off of a dirtbike, with the rotor mounts shaved so it kind of looks like an old spool style wheel. Besides that its a pretty straight forward little bobber. It was built to sell so I wanted to keep things somewhat neutral and not get to wild.
Just finished everything and it runs like a dream. This bike is for sale if anyone is interested.
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