xs650-chop-lxs done 001

Ramon- Ok, for the story, it started out with a motor that my friend hector had purchased, a brand new pumped up, big bore 750, electronic ignition,  head work, valves, cam, polished this and polished that, inside and out, mikuni carbs and a bunch of other stuff.

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The motor was built by Thomasracing. I traded a chopped cb750 hondamatic for it. So now i got a motor and i got to build a bike around it, i have a frame made from dave huntress-tigmanwelding- its a single loop downtube with a 6″ stretch, 1 1/8 tubing, 38 rake, he has built a few frames for me, i like his work and his price. I wanted to keep the price down on this build, so i used some stock xs parts, forst the front end was tackled, so my fab guy, carl bozsik at does all my fab work he has fabbed up about 9 bikes for me, he has all the skills, tools and knowhow to do whatever we need, anyway we cleaned the trees of any unneeded tabs, shaved the legs of fender mounts, and then powdercoated. I wanted to use the stock hubs but change the wheels, its got a 18 on rear and  23 up front, powdercoated hubs and rims with stainless spokes done at TCR wheels in lodi, ca. chengshi 23 up front and 4.00 firestone in rear.

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This way we were able to use stock brakes, axels, spacers and have less headache and less work. The rear fender is a front fender of the hondamatic that i traded the motor for, flipped backwards and flattened out the small rib in center. There was a big gap in the mock up from the centerpost to the rear wheel, i thought it was ugly and just to much space, i didnt want to got with a traditional round fake oil bag for electrics so we made this super skinny welded in electrical box following the lines of the frame that i thought fit well, looks kind of big now but i think when its done it shoud be ok. When you build a bike, it sort of takes a life of its own, and one idea will create another.

xs650-chop-lxs done 028_1

Such as the gas tank, i originally wanted a narrowed sporty mounted frisco style, i also had a stock sporty, and an alien tank. After fitting all 3, none of them looked right, the were small and narrow and made the electrical box look huge, carl had this big ass tank of a 80s suzuki that he wanted to mess with, i said no, but he said he was gonna mess with it anyway. So he did, he narrowed it about 3 inches, mounted my glass jar gas cap, side mount petcock and a sight guage. it looks perfect. Not to big, not to small and it flows with the bike.

Now the bars.

Was gonna run some johnny chop style t-bars but not quite right, apes didnt work either, were still messing with them. I got a $20 seat from dave at rumble custom in oakdale. We designed the footpegs, battery tray, exhaust and other mounts..

Let me know what you think.

Ramon Ramirez

Pictures of Ramons homeys bike.

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xs650-chop-iphone 001