caitlyn 77 xs Caitlyn is now a thin, tight and rigid 77 XS.  Prior to her 3 year makeover she had 36k km, had been passed around and dragged through the mud.  Once settled on the weldon hardtail with 2 drop 4 stretch, narrowed axed tank , old Triumph oil tank and Avon shoes, the ideas could flow.  From there started a love hate relationship that was more than I bargained for at times.


Once I got all the sand out of my vag and actually started making stuff, things started to happen.  Other than the obvious, I tried to make everything.  My favorite pieces has to be her 3/16” Brass seat pan and her pegs.


After reading about carbs for as long as take some to build their bikes and spending more on new Mikuni VM34`s than the cost of the bike, she is tuned and rides again.  Caitlyn has never looked so good.  She is un-restricted, was cheap and is loud and fast.  Too fast for love.


Thanks to Pat who donated an exhaust kit and was the inspiration behind embarking on this backyard build.  Lou who knows everything.  Thanks homies!


Cait’s is currently in hibernation in a frigidly cold Canadian garage, sorry about that babe.  She slated for a make–up and artwork session at Dom’s and also aspires to be an actress/model. This proud new scoot can’t wait to hit the streets next spring with her improved look.


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Submitted by Chris