This was My first street bike EVER!! jockey shift wit no front brake and a rear brake that had a mind of its own.  I bought this bike in  Campabello SC from a group of builders that appeared to be XS junkies and they passed the fever to me. The engine is an ’81.  This is the best running XS that I have ever owned, Kicks first time, never left me stranded, and has made trips from Nashville TN to Aiken SC and back many times(800+ round trip).


It has grenade kick, One off goosneck frame which tracks like a rail, fake stretch sporty tank, impaler sissy bar, and real double barrel pegs with the site pin still on the tip.  The seat leather is from the top layer of a western horse saddle and still retains the texas makers mark in the tooling.  The ignition/electrics box is a project box from radio shack w/ a lawnmower ignition switch and two dollar toggles from AAP.


As I stated above, this is the bike that started it all for me and broke me in to jockey shifting.  I have sinced sold it and moved on to other XS’ but every once and a while I see it pop up on the web and it brings back memories.  I figured i would give it a permanent home and post it as I  remember it….on the best site to represent the culture!!! thanks to everyone who posts….I can’t get enough of

Valley House Customs inc.

xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop
xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug