noid-36_-_Engineering_Certerfication_14th__September_2013_Strauss_Airstrip_Noonamah_NT 2014

Pete Grice – It’s taken 18 months from start to finish. Two of us started separate builds at the same time in the capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory. My build started as a 1975 650-B that was still running but in a pretty sad state. Along with the usual ignition and alternator replacements, lots of MikesXS shiny bits there are also heaps of other mods. The Fuel tank has had the base cut to accommodate the top engine mounts.

33 - Left Hand Rear Detail 2014noid-8_-_Old_&_New_ 2014

The dummy oil tank was designed to be big enough to hold all of the original relays but thanks to a clever Auto Sparky it now contains two fuses and the starter solenoid. The indicator lamps have been replaced with LED’s and eventually the battery will be replaced with a Shorai NI battery which is a lot smaller and therefore less obvious.


35 - Territory Blu 2014 noid-35_-__First_time_Ride 2014

The paint colour, which get’s a lot of comment, is from a 2007 Ferrari. It rides well although it’s not something that you would survive a long ride on it the NT. I hope you like.