Territory Blue

noid-36_-_Engineering_Certerfication_14th__September_2013_Strauss_Airstrip_Noonamah_NT 2014

Pete Grice – It’s taken 18 months from start to finish. Two of us started separate builds at the same time in the capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory. My build started as a 1975 650-B that was still running but in a pretty sad state. Along with the usual ignition and alternator replacements, lots of MikesXS shiny bits there are also heaps of other mods. The Fuel tank has had the base cut to accommodate the top engine mounts.

33 - Left Hand Rear Detail 2014noid-8_-_Old_&_New_ 2014

The dummy oil tank was designed to be big enough to hold all of the original relays but thanks to a clever Auto Sparky it now contains two fuses and the starter solenoid. The indicator lamps have been replaced with LED’s and eventually the battery will be replaced with a Shorai NI battery which is a lot smaller and therefore less obvious.


35 - Territory Blu 2014 noid-35_-__First_time_Ride 2014

The paint colour, which get’s a lot of comment, is from a 2007 Ferrari. It rides well although it’s not something that you would survive a long ride on it the NT. I hope you like.


  1. El Gaucho says:

    I usually think a bike with no rear fender looks unfinished, and a bike with a front fender looks overdone, BUT, this is super nice and I’d ride it any day of the week that it was above freezing here (if that ever happens again). BTW, I’m loving the ’75 B in the backround of that one pic!

  2. Grumpy says:

    When did the N.T. become the Capital of Australia???? (lol) Great job mate! Who Hard Tailed the Frame??? Any Problems getting it through Rego??

  3. specialknine says:

    I had to read that again myself. Im sitting here in the A.C.T Thinking I want to meet you Pete.
    Looks bloody fantastic mate. Nice build First time I have seen the reverse shocks on a Bobber. I like the look.

  4. roger says:

    Great build, the grey frame with the blue perfect!. Some times the tanks don’t fit the the bike but yours dose. The tires set it off with the white side walls. Where did you get them? Is the tire loud? I like the different stages of the pics, deffinetly looks better with the tail lights on the side. I really like the oil tank too. Thanks for the inspiration, Roger and out!

  5. Pete says:

    El Gaucho, thanks for the compliments. You need to move to warmer location, Darwin is lucky if it gets below 16 Degrees C.

    Pete 🙂

  6. Pete says:

    G’Day Grumpy, We have a mate who has a Drag/Hot Rod chassis building business (BO Chassis & Race Cars) who did the cut & shut. The NT has a system that allows just about any thing provided you do the paper work first. You put in a submission with all of the changes you want, they agree, you build, get an engineering certification and then put it over the pits. It has to conform to the ADR’s that are relevant for it’s year of manufacture which is why it was registered as a March 1975 build, as there are no ADR’s for bikes till 1976 and even those are pretty simple. If it passes both the engineering tests (swerve through some traffic cones and a crash stop) then the Territory Government issues Certification. All pretty straight forward.

  7. Pete says:

    G’Day Roger,
    The bottom of the tank has been modified to allow it to sit down over the top engine mounts. There was another channel cut about 6″ long and 1″ deep to allow for clearance so you are correct. The Tyres cam from Antique Tyres in Melbourne (lots of internet time:-) ) Yes, the tail light on the side is how it was planned but the initial Certification and Registration required it centralised as it’s an ADR requirement.



  8. DENNI$ says:

    Very nice work! Dumb Question: whats an ADR?

  9. Pete says:

    G’Day Denni$, An ADR is an Australian Government compliance rule (Australian Design Rule or ADR) for motor vehicles that says things like a Vehicle/Motorcycle must only make 65dB of noise at 3000rpm or must have turn signals at front and rear. In the case of Bikes, there we only two or three prior to march 1976 but after that time the Government went all out to “Protect” us from our selves and introduced dozens of them that would prevent me from doing what I have done. Hence the early Build Date for compliance so that I avoided many of them.