A 1970’s Original

Project For Sale

This really pains me to post this. Why? Two reason. I want to buy it for myself. Yes, I’m a selfish little bitch.. The raked out grinder and stretched out profile is badass wicked cool… Secondly, I’d like to see it finished.

  • Good luck and thanks for sending in the pictures Tracy..
  • I have a funny feeling this bike won’t be available for very long..
  • Year 1978

” This is a project I started, but don’t have the space or time to finish now.
Frame is custom built, very long and low. Design is traditional chopper “bare minimum” look. Neck joints are gusseted, all frame joints are slugged and angle-cut for maxiumum weld strength. (The pictures show a “mock up” coffin tank- this is just a cardboard pattern, no tank is included.)

**Two** engines are included. One is a takeoff of a parts bike and has not been opened. I was told it was running fine before the bike was junked. The other engine has been dissasembled and the crankshaft rephased to a 277 degree crank. Engine has been cleaned and is ready for reassembly. No pistons are included with the second engine, as the original intent was to get an overbore kit to make this a 750.


A stator is included which will fit on the end of the crankshaft. This can be used in place of the stock alternator along with a capacitor to make the bike run without a battery. (kickstart only of course) The stock alternator is included in the event you don’t wish to pursue this.

Straight pipes with small mufflers. These should run neatly along the frame rails when installed. Chrome isn’t in the best shape and there are some rust spots, so as part of the overall project completion, these should be rechromed.

Front end:
An original Durfee girder front end from the 1970’s! This is an extended girder, measuring 44″ on the front leg. Surface rust, so it’ll need sandblasting and rechroming or powdercoating. (note that a new Durfee girder runs almost $2000!)


Front wheel:
19″ spoked front wheel with small dual-disks. Again, a 1970’s original. This comes with the original Airheart brakes. (which of course need rebuilding at this point) New tire and inner tube (not yet mounted)

Alternate front end:
Stock XS650 front forks with extended fork tubes (“Forking by Frank”). These measure 39″ from axle to top of fork tube.

Alternate front wheel:
Spoked Yamaha XS650 Front wheel. Some rust, replacement chrome spoke kit included.


Rear wheel:
16″x5.5″ chrome spoked rim, with a Harley sprocket and disc. The drive side is offset to clear the tire, and it has outboard bearing support to limit wear on the inner bearing. Tire is a Metzler ME880 200/60.

Lots of misc parts- XS650 clutch, tall sissybar, stock sprocket, etc.

Asking only $1000 for the whole lot (or make me an offer!).

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