THE FONG BROS  – DenisWhen I was selling my personal ride on Ebay, I was contacted by a man named Jim, who was interested in buying it. At the end of the auction, he was having some computer issues and wasn’t able to bid.


Soon after, Jim called me up asking if I could build him a replica of the bike, with some small changes. Being 6’5″, he wanted a slightly longer frame. A 4′ stretch tail was added. Also there was a request for a Pamco high output ignition.


I highly recommend this and will probably use one on all my future bikes. Finally, a 12v power outlet was added for plugging in GPS. Overall, the bike came out very similar to mine. Jim made the nearly 7 hour drive from Ohio to Baltimore, Md one day after work, got the bike, and was right back on the road to Ohio.


By the way, he left Ohio at 6pm and got back at 8:30 am, just in time for his buddy who rode along to get to work. Jim got a new bike and I got a new friend.


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