Built it at home in my Garage.

My second bike. I built it at home in my garage. It took about 4 months. It’s not all done yet. I wanna change the pipes and maybe some paint. It’s way faster than I ever expected it to be. My first chop was a Honda 550 and this thing would smoke it. I made the hardtail and axle plates on my bridgeport. The Fabkevin rear brake is awesome. Harley wheels, tank and other stuff. I’m interested in selling also. I bought the bike from a guy that had a big ugly Big Dog or Big Bear or whatever so he was way too good for the 650. It was a complete and stock low miles bike. Perfect.


The guy with the Yamadog that’s posted right now actually put me onto the bike. Thanx Tim. I brought it home tore it down and set it up on my wood bench (jig) and started making the hardtail with my bridgeport. i used 1” tubing and cut the axle plates and tig welded it all together.  The wheels are 18” and 21” Harley. The rear brake setup is from Fabkevin that works awesome. The seat is from RedTail Leather in LongBeach CA. and is the nicest seat i’ve seen.


Well worth the money although i did stain it with brake fluid. oh well. The tank is a Rapido from E-Bay with the original yamaha gas cap welded in place of the obsolete, impossible to find rapido cap. Plus I think it looks better. The forks are stock lowered with the brake bungs machined off. Drag bars and a Hella headlight. It rides great has lots of power. The motor is stock except for the Mikunis and pipes.


I plan to change a few things such as the pipes, footbrake, and maybe paint concidering my dad has a bodyshop so why not?  This is my second bike ive owned/chopped. My first was a honda 550 that i sold to some dude in chicago but this XS would smoke it.  These bikes are way faster than i expected them to be. also thanx to my buddy FatBob for all the help and donations.


I am possibly interested in selling the bike but i do love it so im not giving it away.
For sale on ebay now