Denver survivor long chop.-1 2014

Thomas Minor – Denver survivor long chop – survivor bike i found last summer and has since gone through complete resurrection.

Well I got the bike this past winter and have been resurrecting with the help of some friends. When I got the bike you could tell someone took the time back in the day to build a nice little bike, and then there where some signs of someone else getting ahold of the bike and trying to “modernize” it. Carbs where shot, exhaust was hacksawed too short, OCC wack forward controls welded on through the paint…..the list goes on, you’ve all seen a meth head bike before I’m sure. 

-2 2014 -8 2014

Shortly after rewiring, having a friend build me new pipes, new carbs, new ignition, new pma, going through most of the bike…it started right up actually.

-9 2014 xs650

I started to ride it around my house and hit a pot hole and cracked the frame horribly, someone had drilled holes in the top tube and two down tubes for the gas tank and some really bad fork stops.

So i had to have Dave at Speedmetal build me a new neck and reinforce the entire front end of the frame. Also a slight de-rake….the bike was wayyy too low.

-3 2014 -4 2014
So I lost all the cool old bondo on the frame when it was rebuilt, its still the same soul in the bike just   a little face lift and heart surgery. Bike runs amazing and is super fast, girder feels better than I thought, overall it’s a really fun bike.
  • 72 xs2 (engine looked freshly rebuilt)
  • mikuni 34s
  • pamco
  • hughs pma
  • sparx capacitor
  • stainless rocket pipes
  • chromed side covers(idk if their original or not)
  • chromed front and back drums(back is a xs, front no clue…not hooked up)
  • chromed trident sissy (was on bike..cleaned up real nice)
  • speed grip rear tire( was on bike no cracks)
  • K&Q says BOSS on the back with a chicago bull logo… no rips I love it…
  • 32 degree neck and gussets by speed metal
  • mid-controls are my buddy and myselfs creation. Along with the crazy shifter.
  • original rear fender with sparkly paint
  • Fury girder with two shocks…amazing chrome.
  • random bars I found.
  • Gas tank was a came with a coffin tank.
  • pep boys 15$ headlight….
Could be for sale for right price…. Thanks!