Andy – This is a ’72 with a TC Bros. hardtail welded on a smoothed frame. The front forks, trees, brakes, and 19″ wheel are from a TX550 and have Goodridge custom lines and a Mitsutomo rib tire. The rear wheel is a 16″ Harley rim on a stock XS hub with a Duro 5.10 tire.

The custom cut and narrowed trailer fender rear fender, gas tank with extra fill cap and sight gauge, model A driving light and model A tail light were are spayed black, then 5 coats of garnet flake, followed by several coats of clear. Stock footpegs were mounted mid-mount to custom plates that bolt to the frame through slugs. The pipes are custom made with a chrome turnout and black wrap.

The TC Bros. tank holds all the electronics that are connected by their wiring adapter and a universal ignition switch that activates a stock XS relay mounted to the cut-down stock battery box. The seat is a vintage one that was recovered and piped in brown leather.

Andy Martin