rb kustoms xs650 Hi, this is my simple but cool (in my view anyway!) XS650 chop. I did the original fabrication and assembly then handed it over to Russ at RB Kustoms in the UK to add further fabrication, wiring, painting and plating. Russ has an instinctive approach to his work, he always came up with something I liked and he builds some really cool stuff.


An example – the exhaust is a work of segmented art – I thought it out, drew it and Russ and his team welded it up. So many bends and I loved it in the raw so it stays without blending, polishing or plating.


The ‘oil tank’ houses the electrics and the filler neck is actually the ignition switch – flip the lid, turn the key and kick.


rb-kustoms-xs650 ignition
I bought the engine in boxes, fully stripped. This was good as I could check and replace worn parts.

I shaved the sportster forks by filing as they were too big for my lathe. Brackets cut out and filed by hand (I’m buying a mill next time!). I also modified the LH engine case by removing material and curving the casing for a more ‘classic’ look. Wish I’d drilled the lightening holes better though!

rb-kustoms-xs650 engine

Charging taken care of by a PMA from ‘Ants’ in Wales, Pamco ignition and no battery. Lights are plenty bright enough even on tickover.

Upturned 1″ clubmans bars and custom clamps which I found on ebay and modified.

When I first assembled the bike I liked it in all shades metal so I kept metal shades for paint, cerakoting (better than plating or powder coating (thanks Russ)). Just hints of blue to add a bit of colour – pinstriping is by a guy called Simon who Russ knows – apologies for not knowing his full name but you can see why he’s busy – flawless.

Harley wheels, brakes and forks meant first build needed lots of spacers to mate imperial and metric parts together. Caliper mounting brackets new or heavily modified.


rb-kustoms-xs650 tires
Frisco slimline sportster tank and fender imported from the US.


rb-kustoms-xs650 tank
It’s turned out better than I dreamt it would – it’s a typical chop profile (quite long for an XS though) but enough original bits to make it mine. Starts second kick.


Thanks to my good wife Atiye for putting up with me ‘living in the garage’. Now what’s my next project…



rb kustoms xs650 side view