Write about your XS650.: In 1970 I bought an old Harley frame. I took it home and raked he neck filled the gussets, gave it an “Easy Rider” paint job. That’s all I had, just a frame. A friend gave me a set of 10″ over glide tubes.I was getting into painting tanks and helmets. I sold my 68 Honda 350 Scrambler and built up the Harley. About 1975, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Sold it. and being a family man, holding a job, I still painted some, but never got another bike.


3 years ago, my son in law mentioned that Brad, his Brother in law, who dabbled in Japanese  basket case bikes, had come across a chopper frame. Got my juices stirring and I started making bike noises. They had brought me out of retirement and I had just put a metalflake flame paint job on SIL’s Yamaha bagger. Then my daughter got herself a Yamaha, and I had to put pink ‘Trufire’ scallops on that!
In July 2007, I was out with my family for my 72nd birthday, and my daughter handed me a foto and said” Dad, this is yours”.

It was a 74 Paugho Kawasaki chopper frame setting on 79 Kaw wheels. The family had bought it off of Brad and rounded up money for him to build it. (pic 1)
Son in law and I had wrongly assumed that the engine Brad was putting in was a Yamaha 250. A year into the build we discovered that Brad had actually installed an XS650. Family was skeptical, but I was thrilled!
In August of ’08, I brought the tins home, and painted them. I striped the tank to reflect my Fu Manchu moustach. Paint is cleared with 5Star flat clear.

April 26, 09. We went down to Largo and it was delivered to me. (pic 2)


It had some running issues and we dinked with the carbs for quite a bit. tried every jet combo available. When the electronics box bellied up, we replaced with a Pamco unit, and the jetting problems vanished !

However, it is sprocketed for something like a hill climber and we’re working on making it more cruise friendly.
It hauls the mail, tho and I am loving it,

Thanks for tolorating an old man’s rants.
Clay (Geezerman)