xs650 yamaha 70 engine

I got the bike about two years ago after a long search. Its been waiting in my garage quietly while i ran ideas through my head of how to go ahead with the build.



I looked at couple of bikes that i liked and decided to combine my favourites and see how i can make it work.


I started the frame jig in November 2016 and cut the first tube for the frame in December and I haven’t stopped working on the bike since then.
So far I got the frame almost done, tank needs the bottom which i’ll only complete once the wheels are on and motor installed so I can see how it flows, hubs have been polished (never again) and rims re-chromed.


The motor was black when i got it so i removed the paint and will also get to polishing it up. It has started after sorting out some wiring issues and it runs sweeeet.
Next are the springer forks.


I’ll ll keep posting pics as it progresses.


By Brett


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