-4 2014

Greg Petschauer – GP Flyer – This is my first bike build. My goal was to make a clean simple bike that would be fun to ride. I started with a ragged out 81′ I got for $500 bucks. The frame is from Ardcore Choppers. I completely rebuilt the motor with a HughsHandbuilt rephased crank and cam. Just about everything in the motor is new, rods, pistons, valves etc…

I’m running a Hughs PMA and Pamco ignition. I made the majority of the components other than the basic frame, tank and fender. Including the exhaust, the foot controls, peg mounts, lacing new spokes in the wheels and the seat mechanism. I designed the mechanism to use a FOX Float mountain bike shock, which provides a great ride. The shock is fully adjustable and really smooths out he bumps. Another unique feature is that the bike is kick only and the battery is hidden in a compartment inside the starter. The rest of the electronics are hidden in the street rod coil cover along with the horn, which fit perfectly in the bottom. 

-9 2014 -10 2014

I was able to tuck the voltage regulator nicely up under the left side cover to keep it hidden. Just about every component on the bike has been massaged in some way, like shaving the forks, relocating the brake disk to the left and modifying the sportster tank to fit the way I wanted it.  The awesome paint was laid down by Blue Moon Customs and most of the other components that weren’t fabricated were purchased from Lowbrow Customs or Mikes XS.


-5 2014 -6 2014 -8 2014

The bike rides really smooth, I’m really happy with the seat shock design. Using the FOX float mountain bike shock allows you to adjust the air pressure so suit the riders weight and dial it in to get the ride you want. The build took me about two years to complete working on it when I could find time, which was usually an hour or two a week.

I designed most of the parts in Solidworks and then fabricated them myself. I rebuilt the engine myself and everything is new including pistons, rods, valves etc. I did send out the crank and cam to HughsHandbuilt to be rephased. Hugh was a really good guy to work with and he got the parts back to me really quickly, along with answering all my build questions.

Everything on bike was fabricated by me other than the basic frame which I got from Ardcore choppers and the obvious parts that were purchased along the way, but even the purchased parts were tweaked to make them look or function the way I wanted. I spent a lot of time on the details trying to keep the bike clean and simple.

-2 2014 -11 2014 -12 2014

I used cloth covered wiring  to give it that old school look, the tail light is from a 1934-1939 Chevy truck, which I thought really complimented the build. With trying to keep it clean I used a street rod coil cover for the electrical box and found a horn that fit perfectly in the bottom of it, so you can’t even tell the horn is there.

-1 2014 -3 2014 -13 2014

I also attached some pictures of the bike when I first bought it. Let me know if you need any more information or pictures.