Twist into that shape

This is a bike my brother and I built over the past year.  We got a lot of influence from the Japanese biker mags and tall, narrow Tokyo choppers.  The highlights of the bike are of course the paint and all the twisted metal accents, all done by myself and my brother.  The beauty of the paint is that it only cost $10!  Yellow artist ink applied over machine turned bare metal to stain it, then clear laquered over.  The highlights in green are a spray on tinted clear from a can.  Pinstripes by myself.   Nothing too technical but you get it in the sun (pretty rare here in Seattle) and it just dazzles!  


The 5″ risers took a whole bottle of oxygen alone to twist into that shape, and the headlight mount, kickstand, fork brace “fender” and rear fender brace are all bent to match.  the electronics are housed along with the battery in the mini keg under the seat.  The exhaust runs much worse than it looks-  it needs a lot of tuning but I think we can make it work, in the near future I will remake it all out of a larger diameter tube.


The 11″ Z-bar was also made by myself, and the alternator cover was machined by my brother Danie
l. The hard tail rear was welded on to the stock front half,-after a lot of tweaking.  In hindsight it would have been quicker to fab the whole rear but live and learn.


The mid controls are stock XS rear peg mounts welded to the frame rails, and the stand was reclocked so it sits at more of an angle and doesn’t drag the ground.

Future plans call for a skid plate, leather tooled seat, a final pinstripe for the tank top, dyno tuning to make the pipes work, and some small legal type crap.  The bike is a real head tunrner, and love it or hate it you can’t look away!

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Lance and Daniel Busch