-2 2014

Fred Steeves –  It was a 50 dollar dumpster bound rat when I got it. That was to be a budget build of about 750 dollars. Did a small amount of work to the engine. Honed cylinders and new rings is all it needed. Replaced the old points and weak charging system with a Pamco electronic ignitition, PMA, high output dual coil all from Mikes XS.  The chassis has all the usual suspects from TC Bros. Hardtail, battery box, electronics box. Monster Craft chain tensioner. The brake stanchion is home built as well as the foot pegs. Using the old folding part of the peg on home made mounts. Seat is an old Corbin that was given as a gift from a friend to kick off the build.

-1 2014 -5 2014
The handle bars, controls, throttle, cables, master brake cylinder, and grips are new from Mikes as well. The tank is a swap meet mustang style that had a fake gas fill on the left that was removed. The rear fender is 1935-36-37 Ford spare tire cover ring that I had to shrink the edges to get the right radius to match the tire. The paint is silver flake with House of Color Candy Tangerine and black pinstiped buried under tons of clear. The frame and all black parts are aircraft/marine urethane for durability.

-3 2014 -7 2014
Stock rebuilt carbs with pod filters and new rubber intakes. New mufflers and titanium wrap on the exhaust pipes. I’m sure that I’ve missed something else that is new.


-4 2014 -8 2014 Fred's, Oh For Flake Sake

The build started out as a budget machine, but as it progressed it took on its own personality as a woman with a new credit card. It was well worth the effort. The bike really does get attention everywhere I go. I finished it a year ago and have put a couple thousand miles on it. I did all the work myself in my spare time from chopping, welding, custom fabrication of parts, bodywork, paint, busted bloody knuckles, and head scratching when wiring. It was well worth the time to do it right. Just wanted to share with you all.

I was inspired by all the great work that I see on this sight by all you awesome people with vision.

Thank you for sharing yours!