“Shop Rat” Carved into the seat..

Hi, my name is Josh, I work at G&L Choppers and this is my personal ride. I finished it a few days ago. It took me 2 years to build in my free time. This bike started life as a stock frame and a motor. Nothing more, nothing less. The backbone of this bike is the G&L Choppers hardtail with a 4″ stretch and a slight drop in the seat area. I wanted the riding position to be nice and low. I mounted the tank high on the backbone (frisco style) and made the mid controls. I went with some Biltwell keystone bars that are wrapped in leather grips from madtailor. I run a left hand clutch on the bars (like normal) and crossed the shifter over to the right side (hand shift) for a little style.



The fender started life as a square front fender for a harley and after running it through the english wheel a few times it became my rear fender. I built the round electric box, the end caps and the battery box. The springer is a 2″ under DNA with a 21″ harley front wheel and 16 rear wheel with a disc brake setup. Headlight is a small 4″ light and the taillight is model A style. The engine has been painted and polished and the pipes are aftermarket headers from mikesxs. The carbs are 34mm aftermarket Mikunis.



I painted the bike using HOK limegold candy base and the pinstriping was done by Steve Havens here in Colorado Springs. This was my first time wiring a bike and to my surprise it actually starts and runs! The name “Shop Rat” is carved into the seat which I had made for this build. The bike (and I) hung around the shop for 2 years so I figured what better name for it!


  • Thanks to Rich Ford (owner of G&L Choppers) for all the help and advice throughout the build.
  • Thanks to Sarah and Zozo for putting up with my obsession!!!!

Thanks for looking,
Joshua Scott
G&L Choppers