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This is the Fong Bros latest ride. Pretty crazy right? The fong brothers continued to build unique bikes with their own character and style. This xs650 is a fresh build and it’s not the same bike as the xs650 in the Horse. Daniel Brooks commented here that “I’ve been looking through the bikes here on xs650chopper…. Your bikes are sick and your style is awesome!” Word.. I agree…



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The bike is a 78 xs650. Zero stretch in the hardtail. There is no paint on the frame, gas tank, or seat. The frame is raw metal with Japenese Brown and antique brown metal patinas applied. The tank and seat are polished. Fong Bros style jockey shift set up with a Hurst Indy shifter, also with patina. The shifter knob is a brass doorknob ca 1880.




18 inch rear wheel with 4.5 Firestone, 21 inch front on an xs400 hub with the Speedmaster replica. Mac 2 into 1 exhaust, brass petcocks, vertical battery/electronics set up held on with vintage leather belts. The welds have been gone over with brass to give the frame an antique brazed together look.This bike has the Fong Bros signature front end The forks, triple tree (clamps), axle and hub on the are all from an xs360, which is the same as an xs400. In order for it to work on the 650, you have to change the steering stem, The one on a 650 is longer. To change it, you grind the weld off of the bottom of the lower tree, and knock the stem out, Do the same to the 650 tree and weld in the 650 stem into the 360/400 tree. What appears to be the foot brake on the left side is actually the clutch pedal because it’s a jockey shift bike.




THE FONG BROS are also doing a series on how-to-chopp and hardtail your-yamaha-xs650 in the weeks to come..

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If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I check the board usually once a day or so. Also, this bike will be for sale within the month – just waiting for the title (which I have, but never put into my name).


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