Beautiful Gnarly XS 650 Bobber Concept..

This sick XS 650 was sent in last month by Tony. The e-mail simply had these two pictures with “Describe Your XS650: check out this cool xs650 bobber”. I e-mailed “Tony” back a couple times to get some more info on this ride but got no response. I really wanted to get the scoop on this xs650 because it’s so crazy but whatever it’s still cool. I know I’ve said it before but this is one of the coolest 650s I’ve ever seen!! There are so many little details that you notice the longer you drool at this crazy gnarly XS 650 concept bobber..

Click To Enlarge pic

What Do You Think? Sick right?

One of the things that caught my attention was the dome on the alternator cover. It looks like a salad bowl or hubcaps center. I suspect there is some tricked out alternator and charging system setup going on under the dome. I don’t see a battery but there could be one hiding underneath the swingarm.. It doesn’t have any points so it’s got to be running a digital ignition. Right? Noticed the copper plumbing connecting the two halfs of the overhead cam oiling system.. That’s something I’d like to try out on my xs 650. Look, Suicide shift on the right side.. This bike is definitely unique.. Seriously, a beautiful xs………