The build all around took about 5 months from the first cut of the frame to the last bit of paint. The bike started out as a cafe style xs I found on craigslist. I rode it like that the for a summer before I decided to chop and hardtail it. I went with a 0 stretch Kansas Customs weld on because the pipe was a bit thicker than most and… I liked it haahaa.


A buddy of mine showed me how to line up the weld on to make sure the bike runs straight and straight it is! You can take your hands of at any speed and it will run straight as an arrow.


All of the paint work was done by my buddy P-Slinky minus the lettering and faces on the sides of the tank , those were done by me. Originally I was going to run a 21 front wheel but decided to run the same fat firestone front and back. The front is a 4.0/19 and the rear is a 4.5/18.



The motor has been pretty much untouched since I bought the bike. It runs good but does need to be dialed in but I’m to lazy to deal with it at the moment hahaha.



The bike is actually up for sale right now so if anyone is interested they can e-mail me