“The How To Bike”

A series by The Fong Bros..

Over the next few months, The Fong Bros will be presenting a “How To” series for those of you looking for some mechanical assistance building your xs650 chopper. The goal is to use the most basic tools that should be available to the average builder. Some tools you should have and others you may need to borrow from a friend.

Topics covered will include:

  • Tearing down your xs650
  • Cutting the frame
  • Adding a hard tail
  • Taking apart and rebuilding your spoked wheels (with whatever size you like)
  • Changing tires
  • shaving your forks
  • Filling in your engine cases
  • Electrical
  • Paint and pinstripes
  • etc.

We’ll be using this 1982 xs650. So, here are the pics of the untouched Yamaha xs650 as I bought it. It used to be a mail delivery bike and has been off the road for 20 years.



Stay tuned for more!

The Fong Bros; Billy Joe and Bobby Joe Fong.

Hear is some of our xs650 handy-work.

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