This is a really really clean xs650 concept chopper bike. I don’t think the pictures do it justice..

Too many mods to list here.

“I will start with the frame. I built the hardtail section with a 2 inch stretch and fixed axle plates. the chain is adjusted via an adjustable chain tensioner. The neck is a Harley style that I raked to 38 degrees. I also removed the stock neck bracing and replaced it with a tubular one. I smoothed all the welds and painted the frame and the tank (a Hodaka trials item) with Dupont base clear.

The rear wheel is a zx6 wheel and runs a 180 tire. The counter sprocket is a Gary Poh item. The front forks are zx6 as well. I shaved the front forks of all mounting tabs. The front wheel is a Suzuki V-Strom. The seat is custom unit that has been been covered in leather and black ostriche. The engine is a 1973 and is sought after due to the longer rod design.

The engine was just gone through last winter and including a 700 cc kit, new cam chain, chain tensioner, Shell Racing cam, all new valve guides, valves, springs and retainers. Ignition is points.

The best upgrade on the engine has to be the Blacksmith Billy hydraulic clutch. I added 3 stiffer springs to the clutch. the electric starter has been removed. Custom megaphone header hi-temp powdercoated.

The right side cover had the Yamaha logo removed. All the black items on this bike is powdercoating.”

I like the little seat, however that tire my rip you a new one !

The vented cover is a really good idea since the alternator is probably the only and notorious problem with xs650.. Noticed the hydraulic clutch setup..