“Chicago Bike”

Yet another radical xs650 by the Ardcore chopper crew. If you guys haven’t already seen this bike check it out. The red paint job really makes this bike pop.

Nate is Ardcore’s in house painter and did the paint on the “Chicago Bike.”  This ride also featuring some of Ardcore’s original Half-Popped exhaust pipes.

xs650 bobber

Supreme slick looking xs650. Who’s bike is it?

We built this bike for a customer in Chicago named Jon. He brought us a previously chopped bike that hadn’t been done very well. Jon wanted us to do a rebuild for him only using what we could which wasn’t very much.
Jon brought us a bike like i said that had been chopped but wanted a complete redo and he had every intention on having a bike like our production bobber.
We went a little above and beyond for him as we aren’t realy into doing the same thing twice. We pretty much ran wild with it, hell he hasn’t even seen it yet.( I’m sure Jon’s seen it now) We won’t send him pics because we are all really want to see the look on his face when he get to see it for the first time.

I dig the paint. Did you do that in-house?Yeah, all our paint is done in house by me (Nate)..I dig it because Jon (Ard) let’s me do my thing without any constraints and I have yet to disappoint him. I pretty much do all the customers bike and even do non shop builds for guys across the country and world..


Is there any trick stuff that you wouldn’t notice from just looking at the pictures?

This bike feature our new “bright ass led” taillight license plate bracket which I think is a pretty nice piece. It also runs a 200mm tyre with an offset sprocket that we do in house. This is one of those bikes that you really have to see in person as most of our builds are due to all the subtle details.


Is the motor builtout?

The motor on this one is a bone stock xs.

It’s pretty cool Jon( THE BIKE OWNER) let you run wild with the design. It shows how much he trust you’r taste. You guys are probably able to to do your best work when you are just doing what you feel like.

Checkout Nate’s xs650 here.

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