Vietnam era gas mask pouch.

I got this ’75 XS as a frame and a non-running motor from a guy who was planning on turning it into a cafe. He had already bought a lot of nice parts for it like the big bore 750 kit, Dellorto carbs with accelerator pumps, and the 2-into-one pipes. The first things I did were rebuild the motor, install the big bore kit, and paint all the cooling fins. The motor was in pretty good condition, so I didn’t have to do much to it. 


I welded on a hardtail from TC Bros, where I also got the gas tank and a combined regulator rectifier.  I had to replace the entire ignition system. I stuck with points because I like the mechanics and simplicity of the old technology. I pieced the front end together on eBay from other Yammies, and lowered the forks 1 1/4″.  I shaved the lowers and painted them black. The rear fender is the stock front fender. My battery box is a WW2 B-17 bomber ammo can, and the saddle bag is a Vietnam era gas mask pouch.


The mid controls I made out of an old set of highway pegs form an Ironhead. The headlight is a old tracker light that I found in my dad’s garage. I modified it a little bit to hold a modern 12v Halogen bulb and put a high/low selector on the side of the housing.  The tail light is a model A remanufacture. I built the license plate bracket in about 30 min with some scrap steel.


I don’t understand how anyone could pay $100 for a manufactured one!  I got the seat on eBay,  I had to have have it because I’m in the Coast Guard and I have a tattoo similar to it.  After grinding off all the extra tabs and drilling some speed holes I rattle canned the frame with some red primer, and sealed the bare metal tank with some clear coat. I did all the pinstriping myself, and wrapped the wheels in some Firestone rubber.  I did the whole build in about 3 months in my one car garage which has only one electrical outlet.

Thanks for letting me my share my bike and truck that I snuck in.