A new Bobber, just bought and so I can’t take credit for anything apart from paying for it.

In my humble opinion it is a super cool looking bike and I can’t wait for some decent weather to get out on it for some proper runs.

It runs as sweet as a nut, it rattles shop windows and makes dogs bark (it’s a little on the loud side)

The fabrication was completed by Fenland Chopper (and the bike is still on their website)

The paint was done by Nick at FD Motorcycles,

The engine was rebuilt abd bored to 701cc by Smedspeed (it’s still on their website under customer bikes)

As you can imagine, the list of fabrication and ‘one-off parts is huge, which does make it unique, which is the bit I really like about it – I’ll NEVER see someone riding the same bike – but I guess that’s why we ride Bobbers and self-builds.


I’ve got some plans to put my own unique stamp and design on the bike, but plan to live with it and enjoy riding it for a while before making changes.


Submitted by Steve Potter



xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana