DuffyMetalWorks 78 XS650 Special

This bike has been an on and off project for the past few years.

A few Harley’s have taken its place on the lift but she’s finally finished.

Had to have a buddy give a second look at the wiring and boom she’s alive and well. Started as a completely stock 78’ Special.

Welded a TC bros hardtail on. Sand blasted entire frame. Tig welded over all frame welds. Made the bars, sissy bar, battery tray and foot pegs out of 316L stainless. Machined tabs off fork lowers. DIY exhaust kit.

PMA Alternator. Boyer Brandsen Electronic Ignition. Bike fires right up and rides nice.

Going to ride it for a month or so to make sure she’s good to go then sell it. Might even try out a raffle.

Wanted to see what the feedback for her is. Follow me at duffyMetalworks on Instagram for build pics and video of first ride.

Submitted by Paul Duffy