Prepare to feast your eyes on something that’s part mad science, part road rebel. The Reverend has blessed us with three snaps of his ’81 XS650, and it’s clear this bike’s got as much personality as it does horsepower.

This isn’t just any XS650; it’s a collaborative creation that’s risen from the stock ashes into something truly unique, all thanks to the crafty hands of Slim from Slims Fab, and the Reverend’s dear friends, Clarke and Rondi Spaulding.


The Reverend snagged this bike in its original, pristine condition, but the call of customization was too strong to resist. After some initial mods that didn’t quite hit the mark, they decided to up the ante. Enter Slim – who the met at the Chopmeet in Wrightwood, CA, – a wizard with a wrench and a vision for the unconventional, who was given carte blanche to transform this Yamaha.


The build is still in the works, but the progress shots show a motorcycle that’s breaking the mold. The seat, a vibrant green against the mechanical backdrop, isn’t just a splash of color—it’s a statement. And perched on the handlebars is the pièce de résistance: a Frankenstein toy head, because why not?


This XS650 is more than a machine; it’s a rolling testament to friendship, creativity, and the joy of the build. It’s the kind of project that evolves, surprises, and delights. The Reverend and his team remind us that building a bike can be a journey filled with unexpected turns and the best of company.

The Reverend hints that there’s more to come, and we’re all ears and eyes for the next chapter in this bike’s evolution. It’s the progress shots that keep us hooked, the stories behind the builds that keep us engaged, and the shared passion for XS650s that keeps this community tight-knit.

So here’s to the builds in progress, the friendships forged over oil-stained hands, and the quirky touches that make each bike an extension of its builder. Keep the updates rolling in, The Reverend. We’re ready for the next revelation!