77-xs650-lil-scamp6This bike was one of those forgotten projects by a fella that had no idea how much work would be involved in finishing it up. When we got it…it was rough…to say the least.

This ’77 standard had the heart we all love…that phenomenal XS motor and it just needed to be brought up to spec to make it the bike it always wanted to be.

We began by laser checking the alignment on the frame and adding the needed front frame gussets (that had been removed by someone in the distant psat) additional frame gussets were added to strengthen the overall frame member in the rear.

The concept was to get a racy street rumbler sort of feel to the bike. We hand fabricated a new tail section with removable supports so it could be removed if needed at some point in the future.

After all of the frame work was completed it all got media blasted and powder coated for long lasting & durable finish.

Paint work was done “in-house” using Matrix Systems custom colors with two color coats and four satin top coats.

The electrics have been totally minimized and hidden with through the frame wiring.

Running just the minimum did not mean we would skimp on the important stuff to make it a total road ripper.

The ignition system was upgraded to an electronic set-up to greatly enhance the power of the spark and overall reliability. Starts right up and runs like a top.

The bike has both electric and kick start capabilities.

The intake was vastly improved with the proper re-build of the Mikuni BS38 carbs and the exhaust has had a set of custom fabricated head pipes added along with some minimalist mufflers.

This bike sounds MEAN!


Some of the various upgrades have included:

• New Pamco electronic ignition
• New Flanders chrome handle bars
• New Bates style chrome head light
• New chrome M.P.H. speedometer
• New handle bar controls (left & right side)
• New Lucas style L.E.D. tail light
• New Anti-Gravity Li-Ion battery
• New front brake master cylinder
• New front brake caliper
• New braided stainless steel brake lines front & rear
• New Coker Beck tread rear tire
• New Coker Phoenix front tire
• New brake pads front & rear
• New L.E.D. mini-blinkers
• New gaskets & seals
• New cables
• New grips

A great little road ripper that certainly turns heads where ever it goes or where ever it is seen.

Has a clear title of course and is ready to accommodate a new rider.


77-xs650-lil-scamp5 77-xs650-lil-scamp4 77-xs650-lil-scamp3 77-xs650-lil-scamp2 77-xs650-lil-scamp


by ST Customs