ricks xs650 special

This bike has had the motor and carbs completely rebuilt. The motor now has about 250 miles on it. The odometer shows 36,685 original miles.

Everything on the bike is OEM except for the headers and mufflers, ( these came from Mike’s XS shop), also the handlebars are dogleg type. Lastly, I replaced the horn with an aftermarket one that is more than twice as loud as the OEM. The carbs have been rejected to work well with the aftermarket exhausts. The original factory jets were very lean and caused erratic idling and backfire upon deceleration.

Now the bike idles smoothly and runs great with no backfiring. There are new tires, cables, fuses, and a fresh professional paint job on the XS. I just installed a new Duracell Ultra, AGM battery to the bike. The XS cranks right up and runs like new. It is a pleasure to ride, with no vibration owing to the rubber mounted handlebars. The exhausts have a pleasant deep rumble and sound like business when the throttle opens up.

All in all, it is a great ride. The only flaws are a small crack on the left side plastic side cover near the fastener. It has been repaired and is barely noticeable. The other issue is some small spots of corrosion on the right side of the rear rim. The spots aren’t very noticeable either. You’d have to look closely to see them. I would love to keep this bike but I don’t have time to ride like it should be ridden. I’m selling it regretfully but necessarily.

I have the registration and tag receipt, plus bill of sale but no title. Alabama, like many states now, don’t require a title for any bike over 25 years old. If anyone is interested in checking it out, let me know. I’m asking $1,995 for it.

Submitted by Rick Bevel