aces-xs-yamaha-custom-5This was my first ever full build it took almost 2 1/2 years to complete.


I purchased the bike for $600 running. Brought it home and immediately took apart.


I ordered the hardtail from tc bros. started from there. I did everything on this bike myself except stitch the seat and lay the hand pinstripe down.


I do all my work at a shop behind my dad’s house. I’ll never forget the night he told I was crazy and that bike will never see the road again because I had cut it in half! I definitely proved him wrong.


The first time I took it for a spin and came back and said told you so… he looked at me funny and I reminded him of what he had told me 2 years earlier.


Anyways the bike is 1978 XS 650 special.


Every inch of my bike has been modified some way. All frame has been slicked no welds to show at all. Drilled holes in spokes.


Did almost all the wiring. All paint done by myself. Black flake base with 71 corvette gold and tons of clear to make it smooth.


Mini apes. 1 3/4-2 1/2″ exhaust.


By Dustin “ace” Ford


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