XS650 Chop REDO


Some of you may remember the previous version of my chop, the “shop rat”. A lime green monster that I built while working at G&L Choppers in Colorado Springs. Well, I rode her in all her lime green glory for 2 yrs and then the motor took a shit on me. I also moved to Columbus, OH and I decided to do a minor overhaul on her.


That turned into a major redo of most of the bike including the motor. It has been rebuilt and a 750 kit added. What a difference 100cc’s makes!


If anyone is on the fence about upgrading, I would most definitely do it. This thing cruises 75-80 on the freeway like nobody’s business.



Thanks for looking! All work and paint done by me.

Josh Scott
Old School Helmets


  1. Dime_Crusher says:

    Its a beautiful thing…

  2. mike lytle says:

    I’m guessin your left handed……………first bike i’ve seen with the kick stand on the……..crap! I almost said RIGHT side. thanks for sharing

  3. Guy says:


  4. Geezerman says:

    Sweet ! Paint colors are great!

  5. fanoboss says:

    Great to see follow-ups and transformations. I love the carb pods, LOL. Cool Bike.

  6. misfitskinny says:

    sweet build, lovin the paint, bars and that right side jockey shift setup. Holly crap, your right Mike, that is a right side kickstand. Carb pods are cool too lol.

  7. Barney says:

    You got rid of the springer! I like the paint but it would have been cooler if they were 2 separate bikes parked side by side.

  8. joel mekolites says:

    didnt i just see this at cyclefest last weekend looked real nice!

  9. ChopperEd says:

    Slick steed pard…very cool.

  10. LOve the rebuild. Are those Mullins Triples with 35mm tubes and sporty lowers? Lookin’ Killer.

  11. hooversama says:

    LOVE the paint!

  12. Russ Archer says:

    I thought the bike looked good before….SHIIIT now it looks GREAT!!!

  13. Chris says:

    I sure do like that G&L hardtail!

  14. davethewrench says:

    COOl Bike…love the paint

  15. jimmy650 says:

    Dig the paint, bars and grips!

  16. buster says:

    awesome dude !!! ride proud and fast,but never faster than your gaurdian angel !

  17. Dennis says:

    The bike looks great. Maybe You should install the hand operated rear brake, like copper-davi. THAT would be some ride………. lol

  18. josh says:

    thanks for the good comments fellas! Yep, I was at the Dayton Cycle Fest last weekend and will be at the Columbus Cycle Fest on Jan. 21 if anyone wants to see it in person. Trees are Mullins Chain Drive 39mm with sporty lowers. Thanks again!

  19. josh says:

    oh, and I really wanna get some video of the bike the next time it is warm out, which may be awhile! but I will post it up here when I film it.

  20. Visimpact says:

    I love the new look even more. Great job Josh

  21. Dennis says:

    I’m also curious, you say the motor took a dump, can you be more specific? was it something others might wanna be concerned about? thanks.

  22. josh says:

    hey Dennis, yeah the motor I picked up for free when I first built the bike and it always had a 1st gear issue. It eventually would not even run in 1st so I just used 2-5th which acted fine. really no different than going to a larger tooth front sprocket as far as starting off. I think that eventually caught up to the motor and I was rolling to a stop one day and it locked up on me. I have not yanked the bottom end off the blown motor as of yet to see what happened.

  23. Dennis says:

    ok, Josh, thanks for satisfying my curiousity. that problem was never gonna get better by itself. the new “REDO” looks great!

  24. Dennis says:

    BTW, have you, or anyone else for that matter, ever tried to hook up a MC speedo cable to a car type speedo?

  25. Steve says:

    Awsome new look!!! What are those triple clamps and are those stock tubes in them?

  26. JET36 says:

    I remember day one, lime green with the springer. one of my all time faves

  27. josh says:

    Dennis, who needs a speedo! This is a chopper!!
    Steve, the triple trees are custom made from Mullins Chain Drive. They are about 1.25″ narrower than HD narrow glide trees and are 39mm. The tubes are HD 39mm tubes/lowers.
    Jet, THANKS MAN!!

  28. Dennis says:

    @Josh – yeah yeah… YOU don’t need one… lol myself, however, am debating the possibilities. thought maybe SOMEone here had tried that sorta poop. I wish there was a discussion forum here for dumb questions like mine. (because this is YOUR posting) BTW, would you care to expound on the merits of the current frontend setup vs. the springer you took off? Is that springer for sale, or long gone, or what?

  29. ernie says:

    cool. like the kickstand especially

  30. The Flying Imp says:

    Is that hardtail stock spec’s?

  31. Stephanie says:

    Yes that kickstand really sets it off for me too.

  32. Joe says:

    Awesome bike man! Were did you get the sticker on the carb pod?

  33. Dennis says:

    the kickstand IS kinda cool. but the first thing that popped into my head was…. how will it line up with the other bikes in my stable? what about when we all pull up to the bar? you’d always hafta park opposite!

  34. josh says:

    Flying Imp, hardtail is 4 over stock.
    Joe, can’t remember where the sticker came from.
    Dennis, THAT’s THE POINT!!! lmao

  35. Chris says:

    Is that the standard G&L 4″ hardtail?

  36. reynoldburton says:

    was nice in its former life, but now it´s even nicer. A real 70ties feeling to it.
    I can appreciate it very much!

  37. josh says:

    hey mini danzig,
    i have ridden without a front brake since I built it, so almost 3 years. I have gotten used to giving myself plenty of space out on the road, but I have had to pucker up a few times getting a little too confident!! She doesn’t stop on a dime, that is for sure;)

  38. El Gaucho says:

    Perfect. From the paint to the proportions, to the stance. Spot on.

  39. Chuck Jones says:

    gorgeous build. I love the paint job and the blue looks awesome.

  40. SATANS SLAVES says:

    when bad things happen to good bikes…

  41. Shovelheadsally says:

    Me and my bro back in the mid to late 70’s were chopping these fine pieces of M/C history, on the lower east side of NYC. From Bar hopping to a drunken spur of the moment trips to Texas, or to get turned around at the candian boarder, or making a wrong turn in Va. ending at Quntico w/ an once of weed in our jackets. They bring back memories, and ride on bros and gals, there are thousand of others with the same stories on these fine machines!, Back them dudes would call them the poor mans Triumph, as my Bro Geoff would tell em “at least mine starts”

  42. Shovelheadsally says:

    RIP Geoeff Stroude and his Yamadog your missed by many!

  43. fanoboss says:

    Happy New Year and God Bless Shovelheadsally and xs650chopper.com, To remember your fallen bro takes me back to some that I lost. Cheers to All , keep those wheels spinning. fan

  44. Chuck Jones says:

    Hope everyone have a safe holiday and Happy new years to all.

  45. shaydaddy says:

    nice bike. I checked it out pretty heavily at cyclefest. I had the red and black XS650 directly across from yours at the show. I was a little surprised that we had the only two at the whole show aside from the one at spitfire customs booth. I live in Springfield, we should get together sometime and ride. Hopefully I can get some pics of my bike up here soon.

  46. john says:

    Looks nice Josh.

  47. robinrigs says:

    hey josh , how did you run the shifter over to the other side ? is there something supporting the shift rod as it runs under the seat to the other side ?