Freshened her up a bit . . .


Josh- It’s been a little over 2 years since I finished building my XS chop and it took me 2 years to build it so it was time to freshen her up a bit. I swapped out the entire front end, adding Mullins Chain Drive super narrow triple trees, 39mm sportster tubes, shaved the lowers, 21″ 40 spoke spool wheel, 4″ spotlight, Johnny Chop bars and new grips.



I also swapped the rear wheel from 80 spoke to 40 spoke and added new rubber front and rear. Finally a new chain and battery and she is terrorizing the streets once again! I plan on doing new paint as well as polishing the trees and lowers. Maybe some new upswept pipes too.


It never ends . . . this disease. I did all of the work/swapping in about 10 days at the end of 2010. Finally took some decent pics so I thought I would share. Thanks for looking!

Josh Scott


  1. Max says:

    Bike looks superb, brother. If you want to get rid of those pipes, you let me know! mbarna (at)

  2. Guy says:

    Cooooooool, hope you up-date ya post when you’ve done those couple of finishing touch’s to her…(dig your R/H jockey shift! )

  3. Fabbastard says:

    Damn Sporty…. Love the fit of the rear fender !!! do ya still get wet, that length? The stick is cool too!

  4. El Tigre says:

    Josh Bike is looking good bro I still been rockin the helmet I got from you….

  5. joe speedboat says:

    Now that’s a sexy bike!! Love the narrow front end!

  6. jeff harper says:

    soooooooo clean!

  7. Barney says:

    WOW those forks ARE narrow. Really nice bike. Jellous of the shifter.

  8. mick says:

    Love love love!!! I love her! That front end and shifter make me want to write a love song.

  9. fanoboss says:

    Top Tier Scoot ! well done.

  10. Piute says:

    CLEAN I like that “KNOW GO GET IT DIRTY” best part of getting your bike picture clean,Going out and getting lots of bugs all over it.keep it Rubber Down AND Sobber…Piute

  11. fanoboss says:

    Bigger diameter pipes w/no upsweep would look awesome ! my opinion only.

  12. fanoboss says:

    @ Josh Scott, how do you like the new forks compared to the old ones?

  13. Skriblz says:

    I agree with fanoboss I wouldnt rock the up turned pipes but other than that the bike is super clean I love the way you black out half the motor and not the whole thing it looks good like that.

  14. Josh Scott says:

    thanks for all the good comments fellas! I absolutely love the narrow front end I have on it now. I used to run a springer and this front end is so quiet and “tight”. I’ve always thought upswept pipes would look great on her so when I have time I will throw something together and see what it actually looks like. Thanks to Ted for taking the time to post all the fine scoots around here.

    oh, and Piute, BELIEVE ME she is dirty. . . pics hide a lot of stuff;) She gets ridden every second I can steal away!

  15. fanoboss says:

    i dislike the look of girder front ends….

  16. Skriblz says:

    how is it shifting on the right side that seems difficult

    my jockey is on the left and I love it

  17. DIME_CRUSHER says:




  18. Josh Scott says:

    fanoboss, I am glad to hear you dislike the look of girder front ends . . .

    skriblz, been riding with right hand shift for 2 years now and it is second nature to me. Only took me a month to get used to it. If you have any coordination you can do it! It’s like slapping a horse on the ass to make her go faster!

    Dime, I ride it like any other bike I have ever owned (with front brakes). I am a safe rider and give myself plenty of space and a way out of every situation if I possibly can. If the rear brake ever fails. . . . I BAIL!!!

  19. b says:

    hey I dig it hold it then sell “the is an ass for every seat” U can get top dollor for her when u want

  20. fanoboss says:

    @ Skriblz, yep I really love the look of the motor, freekin’ rocks, i may have to borrow that one.

  21. Piute says:

    Bail ! I like that,laying a bike down is simple,just be cool n don’t panic,Had a “65” Sporty Damb shifter(toe)was on the wrong side,Guess it wouldn’t have been a prob but my Low had it on the REG.side. QUESTION why was the shifter on the other side?(stock).Piute

  22. Ted says:

    The narrow front end looks dope! I can totally picture it with upswept pipes that follow the bottom rails. You should put a really tripped out paint job like you’re doing with the helmets on your site something with lots of metal flake and swirls.

    It never ends- It never ends.

  23. jeff harper says:

    i second what ted said!!!…tripped out paint and upswept pipes for sure…but i’m partial because thats the direction i’m going…although yours will obviously be the quality version… 🙂 you are probably more knowledgeable to make this mistake, but just in case…i also have no front brake, rear disc with upswept pipes that follow the frame line, but so does (did) my brake fluid line 😉 …it was fine last year, but for some reason this year it was heating the brake fluid and the longer i rode the less brake i had…so theres always lower gears, sharper turns that break your foot pegs off and threading the needle between SUV and jersey barriers, before bailing

  24. Barney says:

    IMHO this bike can’t go wrong with the pipes it has OR upswept pipes. Same with the forks, looks cool this way and most likely would look cool as a spring. Only solution, build another one!!

  25. fanoboss says:

    @ The Flying Imp , the second link below his name is this bike posted on 4/08/09. I hope this helps.

  26. josh says:

    thanks again for all the nice comments fellas. New paint is definitely on my list! If you wanna check out some of my paint on helmets I sell, go here:


  27. love the updates. those forks are insane skinny. so good.

  28. Jorge says:

    Hey Josh nice ride, I would prefer the spinger and clubman bars but your bike your taste. I wonder if you have vibrations at 50+ mph and also 4″ stretch is enough because I’m 6’1″ and I’d like to order the hardtail from G&L.

  29. Skriblz says:

    @ Jorge

    These motor vibrate like hell as is but you shouldnt get any more vibrating at higher speeds and springers look good but I like the smoother ride with forks just my opinion

    I like how clean your rear fender is how do you have it mounted??

  30. sean from boston says:

    I love the changes, ya I agree with ted on the paint, looks SO good

  31. fanoboss says:

    best comment here, and in life ” IT NEVER ENDS-IT NEVER ENDS”

  32. fanoboss says:

    @ sean from boston, dude, hurry up and pass me as “Top Commentators” ’cause when I see my name up there I think “I SHOULD’A BEEN WORKIN’ ON MY SCOOT !!” LMBO. love the posts Sean.

  33. sean from boston says:

    fanoboss ya man I took a comment hiatus and had to come back strong haha nothing personal! I actually feel bad I haven’t had a scoot to work on sense december thats why I’ve been up there in posts, but I just got another however not an XS there just to pricey for me around here I’m hoping to get this one done and trade up to an xs hah but again Beautiful bike man thing looks GREAT I don’t even mind the paint green! again Can’t wait to see it with the new paint on and to where you can call it done.

  34. Jorge says:

    @ Skriblz
    I mean more vibration because the modified frame from stock to hardtailed. Anyway thanks for the comment.

  35. BRAD says:

    Love it. What size and make is your rear rubber?

  36. Skriblz says:

    @ jorge

    well my xs is hardtailed and I dont get any extra vibration?

  37. fanoboss says:


  38. josh says:

    hey guys, thanks again for the good words. . . there isn’t any more vibration because of the hardtail vs. stock.

    rear rubber is a cheng shin 16″ dual stripe.

    rear fender is mounted on the seat cross member (where the seat springs sit) and down by the battery box.

  39. 62pyro says:

    Liking the updates.Your bike is the one that made me decide to go with an XS.In fact,I have it as my computer wallpaper.

  40. eric says:

    clean job on that fender. in my opinion fenders make the build. i hate seeing a nice chop with a rear fender that is completely out of radius. nice job!