195 is the number of beer cans taken down to the recycling  yard

So I can tell you about the bike, but most of you could probably figure that out from just looking at the pictures (lots of cool bikes and gifted builders on this site) , so I’ll tell you instead  about how it came to be………………………..195 Beers?  


195 is the number of beer cans and bottles taken down to the recycling  yard at the end of this build. (what is that money used for, what else? more beers…………… there’s always another project) This here was a Builder / Owner collaboration. Pretty cool the way those lines get blurred sometimes . I had just moved in to a new place and as I rounded the corner  coming home from work , I got a glimpse from the corner of my eye of these two guys (Rob and Jared) on their driveway hacking away at what looked like the beginnings of two xs choppers.


Well I had to walk over to see what the deal was, since I have been into “two wheel things that go” since I was 13. Some quick introductions some laughs and we were walking  the bikes two houses over  to my shop MigBaron Kustoms (aka, my over stuffed two car garage) the rest was history. We have all become close family friends over the build process.  Typical Weekend at Migbaron Kustoms (again my over stuffed two car garage)


Start wrenching at 8:00 (try not to wake any one) start drinking our job well done beers by 12:00, shortly after that neighbors start walking over see what we got going on with their drinks and lawn chairs in tow. Come 3:00 it’s a neighborhood BBQ!, again very cool the way a common interest in this case “motorcycles” can sometimes make a neighborhood  into a community.  So the scene becomes my driveway full of people on lawn chairs drinking laughing talking shop planning holiday events n stuff , while the neighborhood kids play in the street and in the background the welding grinding and cutting starts to slow down as we start getting a little too drunk to be around power tools, but just the right “drunk” for eating , drinking and fantasizing about how we are going to ride these scooters to Sturgis when they are done! .


Keep building and posting those bad ass bikes guys, they motivate guys like me to keep twisting out “ two wheeled things that go”. Stay tuned for more bikes from MigBaron Kustoms your friendly neighborhood chop shop………………………….. hope you guys like them.   Mig

Miguel Garcia