When i started my first bike i couldnt weld. I didnt have a garage or even a decent set of  tools. What i couldnt bolt on id have to have welded at the local muffler shop or by a friend. I finished that bike, a honda cb650 in a 72 jammer 750 frame, and rode it by myself, to the smokeout # 7, and back. I ride it all the time Ive built 7 more since then but most were sold until this one. I entered in the horse a.c.o. 


This is a picture just before riding it to the show. I think its in the 100th edition of the horse in the back.. Robert Elswick drop seat i welded on dead nutts straight..(hey robert do you still have that 360 engine basket i sent you?, why wont you return my calls?)ebay, ebay, ebay, swap meet ebay for the rest.  the headlight was for an old minibike turned on its side and modified for a halo bulb. the mounting hole at the top is filled with a peice from a garbage picked bowling trophy”HIGH GAME”. the girlfriend sewed ten maxip ads into the sleeve of a $9 thift store leather coat for the p. pad. first time in the rain it swelled up twice its original size, ha. The keybox switch box is from a garbage picked heating pad.  the ignition and all the wiring is in there.  i jb welded the switches to “high heat” “high message” for a laugh. The battery was from a scrapped riding lawn mowwer scored on the side of the road. Its painted with  home depot hammered green rattle bomb. Hence her name sweet pickle.


I hammered the scallops into the tank with a plastic mallet. relocated the filler to the top frisco stylee and pinstiped the two tone edges. momma braided leather into the chain that keeps my 70s spiked vintage gascap with the bike. the bars are inverted reversed z’s, a poor mans clipons. scrapped mountain bike handgrips. the engine had awsome compression so… new points,wires capss, static timed  iridium 7eixs, wow. scremin eagle tips.and the most expensive, more than the bike or the tail section mikun. i 34mms from ebay.  5 ” springs and…. thats about it. number 9 is in the works a 72 xs dropseat roller with 76 aluminum spokes and some mini z bars i made from some leftover handlebars.

Rob Hart