xs 650 street tracker Cycle Sports Ltds of Houston

We are still in the process of building this bike, about 4 months into it now. Its a ’75 Frame with a Yamaha Radian Swingarm, ’77 engine, ’81 front suspension. Stock front hubs on both wheels with a custom made Sprocket adaptor on the rear. Has a Harley Sportster headlight, Ninja 250 foot controls and custom LED turn signals and tail/brake lights.


We have added gusseting to the frame and spent a lot of time on Details. It has a custom built electrical box, seat, electrical box, handlebars, headlight and Trailteck digital Speedo & tach are all rubbermounted for viabration isolation. 520 chain & sprocket conversion and a supersproket rear sprocket.


We are a shop in Houston Texas, Cycle Sports Ltds of Houston, and did this as a winter project. Plan on riding it some and using it as a display at shows and events. Will send more pics as soon as we get it completed.


The Right side of the tank & tailpeice have paper templates on them showing our proposed paint scheme, it is only painted black at the moment.

Ken Fontenot

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