Gary C. – The Money Pit…an ongoing project, was the name given to this bike by the previous owner who has ridden, broken, & repaired these machines for over 100,000 miles.

Bike started as an ’83 Heritage Special with a storied past. Stock machine that went through the Minton Mods phase as well as several rebuilt & modified engines including a Shell built racing engine at one time. Bike logged 23,000 miles in 20 months, parked in the garage only during winter. Engine came with a Shell #1 cam & a slapping piston.

Present engine was rebuilt 200 miles ago for a bobber project with all the goodies including a Megacycle street cam.

Frame’s been cut, ground, modified, tail loop shortened welded. Tank is a ’73 with years of scrapes, stories & patina. Forks slicked up & polished. 10 1/2” shocks, modified TC Bros battery & electrical box. Using the Banshee conversion charging system, Pamco ignition & Shorai lithium ion battery with kickstart only, got loads of storage under the fiberglass seat pan I molded. Rear fender is a fiberglass ribbed front custom HD fender.

Parts & inspiration came from the corners of my garage, swap meets & XS junkies, builders & fabricators from all around the world. Special thanks go to Scott at Ace Auto Trim for the leather seat cover.