-1 2014

Mark- I bought it as a running bike (pic with red tank) with the wrong tank, & sidepanels held on with zip ties, it was orignally a US Custom model & rode it like that for a while, the engine sounded ok but it started smoking badly, so I took it off the road for a while for a top end rebuild & a few mods. While I had the engine apart I had it bored out to 707cc & fitted Wiseco forged pistons & did a little porting on the head & fitted new cam chain guides, everything else was in great condition so no further engine work was needed, while the engine was out I removed the starter & gear & blanked off the hole, so I can get away with a small battery which now sits under the swingarm. The electrics are in a box behind the engine. 

M3391D-1001 M3391D-1001

This bike was fitted with the factory electronic ignition & to date it has given no problems.
The frame is almost standard, just all the brackets etc removed & the home made rear end welded on. The seat is 3mm aluminium.
The wheels are standard. Forks & Yokes are Kawasaki ZX9 with brackets to adapt the standard brake calipers
Did all the work myself in the back garden/shed.