7/8 A-ttack bars

I’ve had this idea for a set of attack bars in my head for some time. My hard tail is getting close to a finished functioning bike. I am just waiting on a couple more pieces and I will have everything I need to start putting it all back together and raise hell.. I had been thinking about doing a custom set of attack bars for a grip but I couldn’t find anybody that had a 7/8 die.. When talking with Jeremy @ I mention the bars I was thinking about doing and sent him a rough sketch I put together on some drafting paper. Checked my e-mail the next day and he was asked me for a shipping address.. haha. Pretty sweet. I was going to put the drawing in CAD but Jeremy was too fast.. The bars turned out exactly how I wanted them. I’m stoked.. The bars are a little shorter and narrower than some of the other attack bars I’ve seen around. They have a 15° pullback with 15° drop which is about perfect for me. There are only 10 inches high and the bottom bar is 9 inches to match the top trees. RAD.. I have some old BMX hand grips that will look sweet.


XS650 1977-D Vintage blue

Wrenching on this 1977 while I’m waiting for the last bits for my 1979 hard tail. The 1977-D with the blue is probably my favorite year model. I could not bring myself to sacrifice it to the chopper gods. The back sections is pretty much exactly the way I want it except I have to got it clean up and polish a bit. The back has been lowered 3 inches with shorter shocks and I also swapped in a 1981 shorter fender. I made a seat pan and my younger brother upholstered the low-profile seat cover. I also put a nice narrow tire on the back with a really small 30Tooth Steel Rear Sprocket .


The front has a long way to go.  I’m planning on slamming the front down with some lowered fork tubes and then doing something different with the front tire like maybe a 21 or a 19 inch Firestone balloon style. I’m not sure if the headlights going to stay or not. The vintage blue is killer and the tank is in pretty good condition so I’m probably going to keep it. The VM carbs I rebuilt with parts I picked up from Mike @ This set of VM are actually going on my hard tail but I just threw them on his bike to test them out. It has 10k. I like to go through all the hardware and re-tap all the holes to use stainless Alan bolts.


Anyway,  hopefully I get this blue bike wrapped up so I can ride around on it while I finish up my chopper..