Shell Flat Tracker-IMG20101023_001

Hi, my name is Jamie and I live in the UK, I visit your site every week and thought I’d send you some pics of my flat tracker. I bought this XS on eBay in December 2008, it was started as a chop but never finished, and the bike had not been on the road for 20 years!

xs650 chopper

The frame rear was cut off and a new section made to accept the flat track seat unit, the battery is mounted inside to keep the lines clean. Standard XS tank but mounting rubbers lowered to keep a nice line to the seat unit. The Shell Graphics were designed by myself and reproduced in vinyl by a friend, these were laid over a flat white paint and lacquered over to protect.
Front end is Suzuki Gs 750 with progressive springs; the brakes are Suzuki, modified to fit the XS hub which was rebuilt with stainless spokes to a polished flanged rim. Dunlop K70 3.50 19 tyre. Triumph T120 handlebars complete the look. Aftermarket 5 ¾ headlight.

<Samsung NV3, Samsung VLUU NV3>
Rear end has Hagon shocks, I designed my own hub adapters to turn a front wheel into a rear, the result has the same dimensions as a cast wheel so I can run a disc brake. The rear rim is flanged and rebuilt like the front with stainless spokes Dunlop K70 4.00 18 tyre.

Hope you like my XS, let me know what you think.