Lets see, crazy story… I’m french Canadian born but lived in the states most of my life (25 years). In 1993 I landed in VA beach ,VA and soon fell in love with the area. I acquired an old cb750 chopper from my uncle which got it from a guy who got it from is a dead uncle’s sons neighbor’s moms friend …you get the idea.

It took me 5 years to get it back together with much help from wade,owner/builder of “THE ORGASMIC GROUNDPOUNDER!” and metalhead  past owner/builder of  “CHEAP SLUT” and current owner of one of my favs “BAD INFLUENCE” unless he changed the name?

Ill try to find pics of these sick rides too!noid-dsc_6848

Anyhow, this beast came back to life in 2000 after being dormant for 20 years and i was hooked!! The cb was my first bike and i still love it dearly, but i soon became very attracted to another…the notorious xs650!!

I’ve got two bikes stashed away in Virginia that I’ve yet had a chance to build. a 75 and a 79 xs that i have huge plans for when i get back to va….hopefully before years end?


VA beach was home till 2007 for me, things were pretty good. I had my own custom paint/body shop which me and the boys spent a lot of extra time at tinkering with our bikes! i was 5 years into my business and starting to pay the bills on time!

My beautiful daughter was 5 at the time. Life was good!….


And then, on Sept.11th , I drove to the shop with my headlights on, rocking the flag to show pride and respect to those lost years earlier. I put another flag up on the mailbox at the shop, went into the office and started making phone calls to get the day started when through the window I saw 3 vans, 2 cars, and about 15 I.C.E. agents with guns drawn swarm my shop.

Wow…turns out my papers weren’t in order and I had an outstanding order of deportation because of this….I was shackled, thrown in the back of a van, jailed for three months, and deported to Halifax nova scotia in early December.


I lost the shop… and pretty much all my equipment as I did not have enough capital built to maintain it and my crew, as hard as they tried did not know how to keep it all afloat….a guy took over the shop and agreed to finish all unfinished customer jobs and pay off some debt in trade for all the equipment and tools. At least my customers didn’t  get screwed in the deal.

I wound up in north bay, Ontario where some family took me in and I soon found out just how bad Canadian winters suck.. as soon as the snow melted i found a 1977 XS and began cutting it up.

The poor bike was so ugly in near stock form, but I fixed that!! I moved to Toronto as soon as I had the bike up to par. I opted to keep the rear suspension as the roads in Canada are pretty jacked.

She’s a lot of fun and has a lot of personality.. All in all she’s been great to me and has helped me cope with being away from my home and daughter, which I miss dearly. I ride this bike daily.I rode all through last winter with the exception of about 1 month…it was too damn cold and i didn’t like riding in the snow and ice.

if everything goes right,i should be able to go home to va beach by year’s end?!?! I think ill bring her back with me to help me remember my Canadian experience.