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More xs650 chopper goodness from THE FONG BROS!

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This is the Fong Bros latest ride. Pretty crazy right? The fong brothers continued to build unique bikes with their own character and style. This xs650 is a fresh build and it’s not the same bike as the xs650 in the Horse. Daniel Brooks commented here that “I’ve been looking through the bikes here on xs650chopper…. Your bikes are sick and your style is awesome!” Word.. I agree…



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The bike is a 78 xs650. Zero stretch in the hardtail. There is no paint on the frame, gas tank, or seat. The frame is raw metal with Japenese Brown and antique brown metal patinas applied. The tank and seat are polished. Fong Bros style jockey shift set up with a Hurst Indy shifter, also with patina. The shifter knob is a brass doorknob ca 1880.




18 inch rear wheel with 4.5 Firestone, 21 inch front on an xs400 hub with the Speedmaster replica. Mac 2 into 1 exhaust, brass petcocks, vertical battery/electronics set up held on with vintage leather belts. The welds have been gone over with brass to give the frame an antique brazed together look.This bike has the Fong Bros signature front end The forks, triple tree (clamps), axle and hub on the are all from an xs360, which is the same as an xs400. In order for it to work on the 650, you have to change the steering stem, The one on a 650 is longer. To change it, you grind the weld off of the bottom of the lower tree, and knock the stem out, Do the same to the 650 tree and weld in the 650 stem into the 360/400 tree. What appears to be the foot brake on the left side is actually the clutch pedal because it’s a jockey shift bike.




THE FONG BROS are also doing a series on how-to-chopp and hardtail your-yamaha-xs650 in the weeks to come..

Also check out xs650-chopp-junkies-the-fong-bros.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I check the board usually once a day or so. Also, this bike will be for sale within the month – just waiting for the title (which I have, but never put into my name).



  1. Wally says:

    another beauty from the Fong Bros., very cool.

  2. MarkS says:

    Does anyonoe know what kind of tank that is??? Beautiful BIKE!!

  3. stemsk8 says:

    that’s a sweet ride. i’m kind of diggin’ the stock foot pegs left on their hardtail frames. do you guys do work for others or just one off projects to sell? website? i like their thinking.

  4. dustin says:

    That’s a sick bike. I have a stupid question. I’m almost done with my xs650 and will be posting it very soon, I know nothing about the electrical side and looking for a easy schematic to get me started so I can get this bad boy on the road. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just found this web site and love it. dujenn@hotmail.com

  5. Denis (BJF) says:

    First of all, thanks for the comments. Now here are the answers to the above.
    The tank was listed as a Wassel, but it is not. I just liked the shape so I bought it, stripped the paint and polished it.
    We primarily work for ourselves, but have been thinking about branching out to customers and a website is on the way. Right now we use myspace/fongbros or myspace/bobbyjoefong.
    xs650 chopper wiring diagrams are all over the net. Just use your search engine (yahoo/google/whatever) and type in xs650 chopper wiring diagram. You’ll find more than enough.

  6. Hans from Holland says:

    Again a great one Denis!!! Really dig that vintage brown color.
    Dustin, just sent you a mail with some wiring scedules,suXSes.

  7. mike N. says:

    Sweet ride

  8. zach says:

    love that frame!

  9. Jon M says:

    I absolutely love the bike! The last picture is my favorite. The shape of the tank looks cool.

  10. dustin says:

    Hans, Thanks for the Schematics really appreciate them.

  11. larry zamora says:

    I really like the way it has an old rustic look yet really clean it all flows nice

  12. sam says:

    hey I really like the bike. Mines looking kinda like it. I have a question though. On the back tire there are those spacers. where do you get them?

  13. Denis says:

    The spacer on the brake side is the regular spacer for a drum brake wheel. The spacer on the chain side (outside of the frame) is the nut from the top of the steering stem bearings.

  14. dave says:

    i saw this bike on ebay, just wondering if it was still for sale

  15. Rusty Nutz says:

    25 years from now, an “original Fong Bros” bike is going to go for a few bucks.

  16. blackwidow says:

    I’m trying to find the reason or purpose for running the xs360/xs400 front end??Whats the advantage??

  17. Denis says:

    To: blackwidow
    In my opinion, it’s the easiest/cheapest way to run a drum brake. XS1 hubs are expensive; xs360/400 are not. Also, it lowers the front end anout an inch and a half.

  18. drew says:

    hey guys wuts up i live in baltimore md and need some info on a bobber build i have an 82 yamaha 75o having wiring issues….

  19. blackwidow says:

    Thanks for the info I have an xs400 with the disc front so I guess the only advantage is I’d get a lowered stance out of it. Does anybody know if a 100/90/19 tire will fit into that front end?

  20. Johnson says:

    The bike looks awesome! I’m really diggin’ the electronics box in the vertical position. How did you attach it?

  21. blackwidow says:

    I really like this bike and can’t stop looking at it

  22. Breahn says:

    could you give me some info on the throttle that you are using?

  23. FongBros says:

    yes, it is a regular ebay item – just look for a triumph throttle sleeve for a single cable.

  24. FongBros says:

    to Johnson
    I attached that tank by making an offset bracket out of square tubing. welded 2 nuts inside the tube, then welded the bracket to the frame. Before welding, I pre-drilled the tank to line everything up. Once the bracket was on the frame, the tank bolted onto the nuts. The bottom rear of the tank rests on a small cushion on the crossmember of the frame. The belts are just there for visual purposes, they don”t actually hold the tank in place.

    To Drew email me at generallee0101@yahoo.com and I’ll help you out.

  25. Ted says:

    @FongBros/ Dennis Haven’t seen you around the site in a while. How is it going?

  26. Mark says:

    I really enjoyed looking at this bike, plenty of pics. Wondering what type of mount you used for the front brake lever. Thanks.

  27. Denis (fong bros) says:

    Ted, Thanks, I’m getting back together. I had to stop for a few months because of some family issues, but am back. I am building a bike right now and have ads out to buy 2 more. I need more bikes. I will be posting my how to’s soon.
    Mark, that is a BMX lever it is as it came.

  28. John says:

    I like the look of a 0 stretched bike. Willing to mod my frame if I sent it out?


  29. Ryan says:

    I think that bike looks awesome.

  30. Brad from Ok says:

    I really like the look of the seatpan. Where can i get one? What brand?

  31. Norton KustomS says:

    FONG BROS you guys amaze me everytime… good job. You guys ever think about running a glass crystal door knob onone of your shifters? I think it could look cool.

  32. Denis (fong bros) says:

    Brad – That seat pan is from the really cheap solo seats sold on ebay. I think you can get the seat in white or black for about 20-30 dollars. Strip off all the padding and glue, put a notch in it and bend it up. Weld the notch and polish the pan.

    Norton – Thanks for the compliment. I have a bunch of those door knobs laying around and have thought about it, but I always find other items that I feel suit the style of a particular bike, so the glass knob has never made it yet. Maybe one day.

  33. shawn says:

    Denis(fong bros)> any chance of a link or time frame for the hardtail how-to??? thanks

  34. Norton KustomS says:

    Hey Denis (Fong bro) can ya share the secret on the mid shhifter clutch? I was going to run forward controls but id rather run mids. If you can that would be great 🙂

  35. Denis (fong bros) says:

    Shawn- send me an email and I will try to explain it in text since I still don’t have pictures.

    Norton – What I do is use the parts from the right side of the bike (for the rear brake). Most guys cut off the side supports (where the footpegs attach) and trash them, so I try to collect the scraps when I know or see someone doing this. I remove the brake pivot sleeve and weld it into the left side, then reverse the pedal and make a few small pieces. (like a cable stop). To hold the shortened clutch cable in the clutch cover, I use a pinch bolt from an aircooled vw carb. Someday if I ever get my time better organized, I’ll create an article for this as well.

  36. shawn says:

    Denis> here ya go. thanks for any info. email: instl75@yahoo.com

  37. stoneygrasshopper says:

    Hey do you still have this bike or did you sell it?

  38. Enduro says:

    Cool, Danke f

  39. Brad says:

    ^^^ X2, did the bike get sold? Where is it now?

  40. Denis (fong bros) says:

    This bike was sold to someone in Texas in early to mid 2009.

  41. Jack Froese says:

    I would like to talk to you about buying this bike. I have cash! so please email me so we can talk….. thanks

  42. Scott Sanders says:

    I read that there is no stretch on the frame, but how much drop if any? Really dig the stance on this one

  43. fongbros says:

    No drop. Stock front half, weld on regular dimension stock length hardtail

  44. norm younger says:

    Is that seat comfortable?

  45. JohnnyTsunami says:

    im trying to find sprocket for my rear hub which looks alot like your rear hub…i ordered sprockets of mikesXS and found out that a real xs rear hub has six lugs and not four lol so i been doing research trying to find out where the hell this rear hub that i have on my xs chop is from…then i saw photos of your bike…what make and model is your rear hub from and can i get smaller sprockets for it?