Joe Wiseguys Industrial Bobber

Write about your XS650.: This is my first complete build.  I have been helping my dad in his shop Wise Guys Choppers, LLC for the last 3 years build custom bikes from the Yamaha XS650 but this time I got to build my own and i couldnt be happier with the outcome.


I knew how fast and fun these bikes were when converted into something cool so just before i got started on this one i sold my 99 sportster and i am glad i did.  NO way could that HD keep up with this monster.  I wanted an industrial theme to the bike that would make it look dangerous and different, and I think I accomplished it.  My dad and I built everything on the bike but the twin tanks.

right side engine closeup

parked front shot

We built the hardtail on dad’s frame jig and gave the frame a 2 inch stretch in the back with a 3 inch stretch at the backbone.  Together we built the tank mounts, handle bars, exhaust headers, heat sheilds, two into one intake, forward controls, tool box, head light mount, monoshock seat assy, sissy bar, etc.



We had our friends at Elswick Cycle make the twin tanks for us, and our buddy Roger Harris do the kick ass leatherwork, and Bob Black at Covlet machine for the killer valve covers..  We have about 6 weekends into this one.  Loooooong days with dad picking up the big slack and tig welding for me during the week.  Hope you all enjoy the pics.

motor shot left side

Do you work with your dad in his shop Full time?

I used to work exclusively in my dads shop but now work building planes for Boeing, and helping out at dads shop when i can.

twin tanks mounted close up

How does the two in one carb run?

The two into one intake my dad makes them and sells them as a kit on ebay.  He has sold a few dozen and we have a mikuni 36mm setup for them jetted for great performance.  Dads customers are all impressed with the performance they get with this system.  Anyway, thanks for your interest in my bike.  It really turns heads around here.

left front scotty ready to kick it to life

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