XS650 Bobber

“Here is a 1979 Yamaha XS650 custom bobber with Nitrous! This is a really neat bike that is definetly one of a kind, you will never see another one on the road like it. It is a rigid frame bike that has the hardtail section welded onto it, this was purchased from black widow choppers and is very well built.

The front suspension is believed to be stock with a 21″ wheel that was taken off of another yamaha xs bike. The fender is a custom built item, the tank is a sportster peanut tank, and the electrical/battery box was also custom made. The body work is done on these peices and was sprayed with Dupont DP90 which is a really good epoxy/sealer primer that could be left the way it is to give it that rat bike look.

This xs650 bobber has alot of new parts which I know I will forget a couple things that are new but bear with me here. Recently purchased was a brand new set of Mikuni race carbs which were not cheap and to go with them the NOS dual shot nitrous setup.

The kit that was purchased was for a twin cylinder cycle and then I had custom aluminum plates machined to hold the fogger nozzles, which also work as sort of a tunnel ram affect which will really help out the performance on the bike. The NOS kit is a 75hp kit with pills to knock it all the way down to 5hp and up.

All the hard work is done on hooking the nitrous up all that is left is just wiring the button, relays, and puting a bottle on it (which there is a perfect spot under the battery box).

Also new is a set of sportster forward controls that were made to fit this xs650 yamaha bobber and are fully functionable. The tail light is a Arlen Ness item which has a LED running, brake, and license plate light.

It also has a brand new rectifier and all new wiring throught out the bike. The headlight is a custom item ordered along with the new throttle and grips. The seat is a solo seat with 4″ springs which is actually rather comfortable to sit on.

The exhaust is very neat on this and cannot remember where I purchased it but it sound very neat and also looks really good on here. It has a brand new sealed O-ring chain on it so you never have to worry about lubing it up and making a mess.

Im sure there is some more stuff that I can not remember right now that is also new. The xs650 bobber runs fine and starts on the first kick most times, if not the second fires it right up.”