Unique xs650 bobber..

Beautiful Gnarly XS 650 Bobber Concept..

This sick XS 650 was sent in last month by Tony. The e-mail simply had these two pictures with “Describe Your XS650: check out this cool xs650 bobber”. I e-mailed “Tony” back a couple times to get some more info on this ride but got no response. I really wanted to get the scoop on this xs650 because it’s so crazy but whatever it’s still cool. I know I’ve said it before but this is one of the coolest 650s I’ve ever seen!! There are so many little details that you notice the longer you drool at this crazy gnarly XS 650 concept bobber..

Click To Enlarge pic

What Do You Think? Sick right?

One of the things that caught my attention was the dome on the alternator cover. It looks like a salad bowl or hubcaps center. I suspect there is some tricked out alternator and charging system setup going on under the dome. I don’t see a battery but there could be one hiding underneath the swingarm.. It doesn’t have any points so it’s got to be running a digital ignition. Right? Noticed the copper plumbing connecting the two halfs of the overhead cam oiling system.. That’s something I’d like to try out on my xs 650. Look, Suicide shift on the right side.. This bike is definitely unique.. Seriously, a beautiful xs………


  1. Jon M says:

    This bike is awesome! That side cover dome is very interesting. I’d like to see some more close-up pictures.

  2. mike N. says:

    Sweet ride! I just started on mine today. got most of the hacked wiring harness marked off and took the fenders and signal off. i like the swingarm. What sportbike did it come off from?

  3. skr00zloose says:

    If I were to take a guess, I’d say that’s an FZR600 swingarm.

    crazy bike

  4. ian says:

    That’s my pops bike. Any questions.. Hearton@tmail.com
    Out of downey Ca

  5. Terry says:

    Chopper, bobber, whatever… this is what bikes should be all about. That thing is lean and mean. You have to love the ingenuity and individuality. Hardcore…

  6. angry samoan says:

    cool — my son told me someone posted a few pic’s of one of my my sx650 bikes — funny thing is that i just through that tank (the one in the pic) on to go for a ride that day — the bike is done now and it has a worked Wassel tank on it now — these pic’s — to me — aren’t even the good side — lol ! — OH! — the bike was suposed to have a VW ignition — witch is still not done yet — i will get back with more pic’s

  7. Ted says:

    COOl…angry samoan.. I just e-mailed your son..

  8. angry samoan says:

    Ted — i sent new pic’s — did U get them?

  9. Ted says:

    NO.. try email@xs650chopper.com

    Did you use the form?

  10. angry samoan says:

    yea— guess it didn’t work — the pic’s are on my work PC — i will get them to U tomarrow

  11. angry samoan says:

    Ted — check your email Bro!

  12. Ted says:

    Awesome, I got the pictures.. I just sent you an e-mail..Thanks

  13. angry samoan says:

    i new U would like them —

  14. Very nice! It’s refreshing to see something different from this genre.

  15. Lee says:

    beautiful concept!

  16. Slick Andrews says:

    Well, I know for a fact you can get those chrome bullet covers from Nightprowler’s, that’s a rod and custom parts house. they were originally designed by Gene Winfield in the 50’s, and are used to make car grilles, replace wheel and hubcap centers, and steering wheel horn buttons. They’re sold in several sizes…….Real cool lookin’, huh?

  17. rick says:

    Can we some post of that thing in motion, I would like to see how you fit on that thing?

  18. John aka angry samoan says:

    rick — i will send a video to Ted — i never did on before — but it will be worth a try — and if it don’t work i will send some shots in motion

  19. John aka angry samoan says:

    skr00zloose — the swingarm is yzf426

  20. Tom says:

    It would be cool to get the break down on this bike, the swingarm is just insane and now my head is spinning.. Im starting a build myself and really would like all the info on this..

  21. Butch says:

    I would really, really…no, I mean REALLY like to see how that rear suspension is set up.


  22. Marcel says:

    I like the way builders come up with awesome fabrication, it personallizes it to it’s owner. As well as Butch, I can figure how your suspension works. Could you please take me out of my (pain) and tell me how you created this fantastic feat. By the way if you haven’t notice I love your that bike of yours. Thank you for your time.

  23. mook says:

    i like a lot about is.it’s a nice looking bike.
    as an observation i think i would have forward controls since the seat is so low.
    gotta do something with the limbs!the gas tank. stop for gas rather often.
    no brakes.from what i see.
    i really like the fork covers or what ever that is.
    i like the swingarm, where is the load ? on the cleavis of the link?
    neat profile for sure.

  24. Ryan says:

    hey..that’s johns bike, that bike is way gnarly. the owner of the bike is super chill and knows his stuff.

  25. norm younger says:

    Very Very nice bike.