When it comes to law enforcement, besides patrol cars, law enforcers are also equipped with powerful motorbikes. Being a police officer is a difficult job that request a lot of strength, stamina, and speed. That is why the same criteria are applied to the motorcycles they use. This now brings in the question, what kind of motorcycle do police use?

Best Police Motorcycle Manufacturers:

Not all companies can qualify to supply police motorcycles. Aside from the durability and speed of the products, the makers should also be capable of giving proper maintenance and service parts. In the United States, manufacturers apply for qualifications to be able to provide these vehicles. The brands which usually partake are BMW, Moto Guzzi, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda. But according to sources, in one year, only 3 out of 6 participated. The labels which took the test are Yamaha, BMW, and Harley-Davidson. In the past, the motorcycle brand Victory also participated until they ceased production.

What should be the Police Motorcycle Top Speed?

Police motorcycles go very fast based on records of the Harley-Davidson’s FLHP Road King model propel from 0 to 60mph in as little as 5.66 seconds. Then to reach 100mp it only needs 21.28 seconds to pump up and can be maxed out at 109mph.

As for other manufacturers, the BMW R1200 RT-P can ramp up from 0 to 60mph in 4.31 seconds and go as fast as 136mph. While the Can-AM Spyder F3P can escalate from 0 to 60mph in 5.76 seconds and run at most 120mph. So based on what these models showcase, most police motorcycles should be able to reach over 100mph.

What “cc” are Police Bikes Ranged?

When you come across “cc” in motorcycle jargon it basically means the vehicle’s engine capacity. It is the space and volume ratio available in the tank that can accommodate the mix of fuel and air burning. The measurement is expressed in cubic capacity or “cc” for short. The range of police motorcycles is around 800cc to 1500cc, but special models from top companies like Harley-Davison has variants going over 1800cc. While the maker Yamaha has economical variants that feature 250cc only with a special body structure to meet the demands of the job.

Best Police Motorcycle Models:

Harley-Davidson: FLHP, FLHTP,XL 883

Harley-Davidson has come up with 3 models that are made to take on the jobs that require strong pursuit. The company has introduced the FLHP Police Road King and FLHTP Police Electra Glide both have an impressive power output of 1,868cc. Then the third entry is the Sportster Iron 883, which as the name implies packs power at 883cc. These new models will surely up the game of law enforcers everywhere.

These 2020 models are equipped with Harley-Davidson’s updated electronic features. The list includes the Harley-Davidson Connect and Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS). Both of these are powered by an oiled-cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. It is claimed to go to as much as 123 pound-feet of torque. That is a lot of twisting force the crankshaft can endure making these models’ pursuit work worthy.

In terms of motorcycle structure, it is also important to take note of the weight. The 2020 FLHP Road King has a total weight of 842 pounds, while the FLHTP Police Electra Glide is recorded to have a mass of 844 pounds. Of course, the vehicles can get heavier if police gear is to be attached to them. These models are not only popular in the United States, but it also has a presence in Canada. They can be seen cruising cities, towns, or wherever the law is required to cover.

BMW Motorrad: R 1250 RT-P, F 850 and F 750 GS-P

BMW is a brand that has a lot of experience in the motorcycle industry. As proof people in uniform from all over the world have been riding their motorbikes to promote peace and order. One of the popular models is the R 1200 RT-P, which is a common bike used by policemen up to the present.

 In 2020 an upgraded version named the R 1250 RT-P was introduced. The newer motorbike model has additional functions like an electronic suspension adjustment option an upgrade from the traditional standard ABS. It also has an additional displacement advantage. It also has more interesting add ons like riding modes, traction control, and handlebar grips that are heated.

The R 1250 RT-P has an engine power of 1,254cc which is similar to BMW standard models. It has a 136-hp flat twin that has types of equipment like radar/lidar and lots of choices for gun racks. There is also an inclusion of a dependable full emergency lighting system. It comes with a full package of the alley and take-down lights, power management for accessories, and a handlebar switch system.

The state-of-the-art R 1250 RT-P is a fitting tribute to the famous R 1200 RT-P that has been featured in the 2017 movie reboot of CHiPs. Other BMW variants that are being actively used by the police force are F 750 and F 850 GS-P. These variants are still in active service in European countries like Germany, Scandinavia, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom. It also has a strong presence in the Americas. These motorcycles are keeping people safe as they assist the law enforcers to their highest ability.

Honda: ST1100 Pan European

The ST1100 Pan European is a compact 1,261cc V-4 engine beauty that is a favorite of both male and female enforcers. The engine is mounted in a longitudinal direction which maximizes the efficiency of the drivetrain. This enables it to have a low center of gravity which is an advantage for handling at low speeds.

This model also has a patrol speedometer, specialized handlebar, and mounting brackets. It also has a convenient remote preload adjuster that makes suspension settings easy to switch. It is also made to have an adjustable seat that can be converted to a three-position which is lockable. There are also integrated saddlebags that have the capacity to hold 35 liters each, a special rear rack, and cowl for more carrying capacity.

 Other notable features are a motor-driven, adjustable windscreen called the ABS, a dual section fuel tank that can hold 7.7 gallons. In Asian countries, this mode is a very popular choice due to its high functionality. THE Japanese and Malaysian police forces are avid users. It also has been seen to be used in the neighboring continent of Australia, particularly in the western region. And there are also sightings in the European continent, particularly in Scotland.

Moto Guzzi: California 1400 ABS, Norge 1300 ABS

These motorbikes were specially designed for the Los Angeles Police Department Traffic Division. The two models California 1400 ABS and Norge 1300 ABS took a lot of considerations based on the inputs of the involved department. The California 1400 is a major redesign of the 2014 model which was presented and placed well during the Michigan vehicle test of 2013. The parent company of Moto Guzzi which is Piaggo wanted to reintroduce their motorcycle to the US police force.

The Norge was also conceptualized to fit the needs of highway patrol groups. The feature of this motorbike is concentrated on traveling at fast speeds. At the moment these models are yet to be seen on US soil, but as of date, these reliable motorcycles are being deployed in other places. These motorbikes are being used effectively by police fleets in the Middle East and Europe.

Yamaha: FJR1300P

Yamaha entered the US Police force service in 2018 with the FJR1300P. This is the police variant of their standard model FJR1300. The two have similar features like the 1,298cc engine that is a DOHC inline four-cylinder that has 16 valves. Both also have a six-speed transmission which effectively transfers power. They also have a multiplate assist and slipper wet clutch. The police version though has a nice update which is the electronic-powered suspension adjustment.

The FJR1300P is known to have a lightweight liquid-cooled engine that can push for 145hp at 8,000rpm. As for the torque, it is recorded to reach 102 pound-feet at 7,000rpm. This model has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank and is also equipped with LED lighting, ABS, cruise, and traction control. Other notable things to take note of are its adjustable engine mapping, knuckle visors, engine guards, rear-mouthed radio box, and wind deflectors.

The rider’s comfort is also considered in this model. The FJR1300P seat height is adjustable, same with the handlebars. The widescreen is also adjustable electronically. If there are preferences for the police lights then Yamaha is willing to make adjustments as early as its manufacturing stage in the production line. These models are popularly used in Germany, United Kingdom, and France.

What Was The First Police Motorcycle Brand in the USA

So it turns out, that the first police motorcycle was delivered in 1908 to the Detroit Police Department. And the brand… Harley Davidson.

Are Motorcycle Police Effective?

With the state-of-art technologies being applied to motorcycles to support the police force it can be said that is very essential. They help prevent motorcycle theft as well and you should also be aware of how to prevent motorcycle theft. These motorbikes aid the law enforcers to respond immediately when the need arises. Also, these vehicles are more agile and compact than police cars which makes them very suitable for fast pursuit assignments. When it comes to speed and efficiency Police Motorcycles are the pride and joy of not only highway patrol groups but the whole police fleet in general.