Nothing beats the feeling of going to places with your motorcycle. The amount of freedom and the joy it brings is just immeasurable. You can ride for hours while the cool winds pass through your face and that feels so good. In simple terms, motorcycle riding is just too darn an enjoyable experience, hands down.

Motorcycles are fun to ride, no doubt about it. But another fact is… they are easy to steal. Sucks, but true. Come to think about it, your motorcycle is not really that heavy. If those thieves brought a good size pickup, sorry to tell you, but it will be goodbye for your motorcycle. So how do you prevent motorcycle theft and enjoy a worry-free ride in the great outdoors?

Can Motorcycles Be Stolen Easily?

When you go to a motorcycle store, most likely you do not think that when you take it out, a thief will snatch it out away from you in seconds. Because most newbies would think that if you are going to park it in a safe area and lock the handle bars, nothing can go wrong. It can be a safe solution but not a totally fail-safe one.

Unlike cars, a motorcycle is easy to carry and put inside a truck. If you are to time it, you can have it in a minute and just like that, you just lost your motorcycle to theft. The manufacturers can only do a little, like they can install the best set of steering locks, a great alarm system and some nice key fobs, but the rest of it, it all depends on you.

What makes it easy to steal is you don’t need to open any door or break some window. It won’t create a lot of noise. Thieves can just employ a bit of stealth, timing, and perseverance. Sadly, your motorcycle will vanish in a flash. For a persistent thief, a steering lock can only do so little. It is just the way it is.

Why is Bike Theft So Common?

The greatest reason people steal motorcycles is because of money. Others find the joy and the thrill of doing, but it would only come second or third, kleptomania may also be the reason, but what really pushes someone to steal your bike is money. When a thief steals a unit, he can break it down to small parts and sell it to make easy money.

Unscrupulous people prevent themselves from selling a stolen motorcycle as a complete unit, as it can get easily detected and recovered. That is why they chop it down to smaller pieces and sell it. They can sell it online or in some shop once they remove any marks that can lead to identity and detection.

To help you recover your motorcycle, we would like to recommend marking your parts. Having a VIN number isn’t enough. You can create a unique marking on your bike’s frame, rim, shock, levers, handlebars and in some parts that are most easily sold in black markets and other platforms. This can help the authorities to identify your chopped down motorcycle in case of theft.

Remember, motorcycle parts are easier to remove and sold anywhere. Please be careful as we want to spare you of troubles and headaches.

Best motorcycle theft prevention

We can minimize the risk of our motorcycle being stolen by doing these things to protect our bike from thieves.

  • Try installing a motorcycle anti theft alarm. Getting something to get loud and noisy is a great deterrent for evildoers of all kinds. When you have something that will let you check immediately to see if someone is messing with your motorcycle is a sound investment. We strongly advise that you get a good quality motorcycle alarm.
  • A disc brake lock will help you get that heartache and headache. Get those thieves to sweat down a lot as a disc brake lock will keep your motorcycle steady and not move. It can be a bit of a hassle, but the rewards are great.
  • You can opt to install security cameras in your home. Even if you are not at home, you can check your motorcycle from time to time because you can use your phone to check it. You can have your motorcycle fully watched every single time with an excellent piece of camera installed in your home.
  • A motorcycle kill switch helps you get an extra layer of motorcycle theft protection. If your unit does not come with one, we recommend you install one for your motorcycle. You can never be too careful. When you have this kill switch, it gets your motorcycle to a standstill until someone disabled the kill switch and it is better than having only the key to protect you from thieves.
  • Put a GPS somewhere. Hiding a GPS tracking device in your motorcycle can help both you and the police to track down your motorcycle in case it gets stolen. By the way, if you ever wondered what kind of motorcycle do police use, check it out here. A GPS tracking device can cause a bit of a fortune, but a stolen motorcycle is costlier. Some insurance companies appreciate motorcycle owner of giving their property another layer of protection. The discounted premium that they will give you might help you with the expenses.
  • It always pays when you lock your motorcycle ignition. Do not leave your motorcycle when you don’t lock it. It doesn’t take a long to lock your bike, but it spells a lot of difference. Remember that one always.
  • Getting a fork lock is a deterrent. Most fork locks are inexpensive and can help you spell out a lot of difference to add an extra layer of security for your motorcycle.
  • Make it a point if it is possible to park your motorcycle with other motorcycles. As they say, “strength in numbers”. When your motorcycle is with other motorcycle, your bike can become a less of a target since there will be plenty of options to choose from. It will give a sense of security sense many people are also there. Fewer people, the greater the chances crooks will get bold acts of thievery.
  • Look for an immovable object and lock your motorcycle into it. When you are planning to leave your bike for a long period, consider getting it locked on a stationary object. Use a good quality chain that is hard to break with cutters. It may be heavy, but it’s worth it. Trust us and you’ll never regret it.
  • Hide your motorcycle don’t expose it in plain view. Get your motorcycle to be covered by something and not expose it in plain sight. You can’t steal what you don’t see. It’s that simple

How do I make sure no one steals my bike?

Honestly, it’s hard to give you a simple “yes” or “no” answer for this question. This situation has a lot of variables. What proves an effective method for one situation may not be as effective as the other. But by doing these simple things, it can help you deter theft and help you worry less.

  • Keeping your bike out of sight is a practical and best way of not letting thieves take an interest in your unit. But if you don’t have a garage, this can be quite a challenge. If you can cover your motorcycle, it may help you get a layer of protection.
  • Always make it a point to lock your steering lock and is your first line of defense. Giving someone a hard time to steal your property can be a deterrent, but a persistent thief would always find ways.
  • Lock your motorcycle to something that is heavy and immovable. Being extra careful can help you gain a lot of dividends and minimize headaches.
  • Speaking of locks, make it a habit to purchase excellent quality ones. Don’t settle for something that is cheaply prized. In most cases, they price great quality products more compared with inferior ones.
  • A kill switch that is well hidden can help you foil evil plans.
  • Don’t park your motorcycle in dark areas. Getting it in a well-lit area can help you thwart any plans of theft.
  • Getting an excellent-quality bike alarm helps you deter thieves from stealing your bike. The noisier it gets, the better it would be.
  • Be watchful, be mindful of people that look at your bike and stare at it for a long time. When you notice that someone is following and watching you attempt to lose them or get some place safe. Somebody who follows you incessantly is a sign of trouble. Keep away from it.

What motorcycles get stolen the most

A stolen motorcycle brings a lot of stress and pressure to the owner. It also makes the owner depressed and anxious. In 2018, an alarming report of stolen motorcycles is quite disturbing because it is not a few. Here are the top 5 brands of motorcycle brand that are frequently reported to be stolen.

  • Rank 1 – American Honda Motor Co. Inc. – with 8,260 units stolen
  • Rank 3 – American Suzuki Motor Corporation – with 4,882 units stolen
  • Rank 4 – Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA – with 4,861 units stolen
  • Rank 5 -Harley Davidson Inc. – with 4,769 units stolen

If you don’t see your motorcycle brand on the top 5, it does not mean that you can just be happy and feel relax. If you give those thieves an opportunity to steal your motorcycle, with a snap of a finger, you can lose your motorcycle in a flash. Please, be careful don’t leave your bike’s safety compromised by not being careful.

There are just times that a little paranoia can help you make your motorcycle not stolen.

Which motorcycles are least likely to be stolen

Cruisers or big motorcycles are less likely to be stolen because of sheer size. It is hard to move around and a motorcycle thief can easily get spotted when stealing large size motorcycles. Here is the list of motorcycles that are less likely to be stolen:

  • BMW R1200C,
  • Honda Rebel Series
  • Honda Shadow Series

Here, bigger is better. The harder to maneuver a motorcycle, because of its size and weight, the less likely it would it can get lost to theft. But you still need to exercise due diligence because even if it is hard to steal, but still it thieves would always make a way to get something they want. It is for you to take care of your property.

We hope we could share some valuable information on how to take good care of your motorcycle. A motorcycle is an investment and you should protect your investment from anything that might damage it. Protect your motorcycle from theft or damage brought by the elements so you can enjoy riding it for a long time.