Choosing your very first bike could be very scary especially if you are just at the starting your biking journey. The Yamaha xs650 makes an awesome beginner bike. With just a little to no experience and less confidence, you must have tons of inquiries as to which one is the most suitable motorcycle for you. Aside from the engine, one of the main concerns that motorcycling beginners have is the weight of the motorcycle.

But how much exactly should a motorcycle weigh to say that it is beginner-friendly? Is there really a standard of weight for different levels of motorcycle experience? Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

Is 500 lbs heavy for a motorcycle?

Generally speaking, motorcycles that weigh 500 lbs are in the midpoint of the weight of heavy and light motorcycles but it could be relatively heavy for many beginner riders. The average weight of lightweight motorcycles is 400 lbs and the heaviest is 1433.0 lbs. There is no standard as to how much weight a first motorcycle should be because it all comes down to the rider’s ability and skills.

Heavy and light motorcycles offer several pros and cons. Light motorcycles are loved by riders all over the world because they are fun to ride. If you love adventure and pushing your riding abilities to the limit then light motorcycles could be your top choice. This motorcycle is faster and easier to maneuver making it very suitable for difficult terrains and dirt roads. It has a faster brake and is more agile. You can also count on its fuel efficiency and mileage. Even so, the ineffectiveness of light motorcycles to load equipment and baggage is seen to be a disadvantage. Other disadvantages also include less space for two riders and less stability. It is also not fit for tall riders. Its purchase price is also higher than a heavy motorcycle.

For heavy motorcycles, it is the loading equipment efficiency and more space for two riders that are seen as advantages. In addition, it is more difficult to steal because of its big size. It also offers better wind protection. The price is also relatively cheap. The cons of heavy motorcycles are their slower speed compared to light motorcycles and less agility. It is difficult to maneuver and riders are susceptible to falling while parking. In addition, this kind of motorcycle could be expensive to maintain in the long run. For the daredevils, it also isn’t as fun as the light motorcycles.

The heaviest motorcycles in the motorcycle industry are the adventure and tourist motorcycles, choppers, and cruisers. On the other hand, the lightest are sports motorcycles and dirt bikes.

How heavy is too heavy first motorcycle?

This is difficult to answer because what is too heavy and not all depends on the strength of the rider. A good question to ask to know which is too heavy and which is not is – can you pick it up when it falls down in the middle of nowhere?”

As you continue to increase your riding experiences, you will notice that the weight of the motorcycle isn’t really a big concern for driving down the road. This is because the balance of the moving motorcycle will make the motorcycle’s weight unnoticeable.

As you go forward, the motorcycle will keep its balance. However, if you are driving at a walk-like pace, a heavy bike will be difficult to ride because the weight will surely burden you. The weight of the motorcycle doesn’t matter so much if you are riding at a regular speed.

The weight is felt more when you have to maneuver on tight roads and at a slow speed, then the weight will surely play a significant role. Having to reverse on a parking lot could also be tricky if the motorcycle is too heavy for the rider. You will also feel the weight of the motorcycle when lifting it when it dropped. So make sure that you can make it stand by yourself.

 It is also crucial to know that the more experiences you get, the lighter the motorcycle will be. The motorcycle weight is only important when you lose balance. You have to be strong to keep it upright. It is when you lean the bike over or have to manually move it that the weight becomes a big factor.

Most motorcycles are well balanced around their center points. Once you sit on them it balancing will be easy and the weight will feel less than it actually is. Seat height is also as important as weight. If you can reach the ground with your feet flat on the land, it could be easier to carry the weight.

Another struggle for beginners is when they have difficulties with clutch control and as a result, they drive the motorcycles at a slow speed and feel the weight of the motorcycle. Instead of focusing on the road, many beginners divert their attention to the controls to make sure not to make mistakes. This also makes them more out of balance. In situations like this, it all comes down to the presence of the mind of the rider.

In many cases, leaning over the motorcycle to turn doesn’t really require much strength. A heavy bike could perform as easily as a light one.

The weight of heavy bikes will not make you less of a good driver but for beginners. light motorcycles could be easier to drive and easier to pick up yourself.

To decide which motorcycle is best for you, sit on it first and just feel the motorcycle. Make sure that the weight is manageable for you. It is natural to be intimidated by the motorcycle weight especially for people with a small physique. it will take a lot of time to adjust and learn the appropriate techniques and styles but this shouldn’t discourage you from motorcycling. Motorcycles are built to fit someone. There is always one motorcycle fit for you.

Are bigger motorcycles safer?

Motorcycle weights come in different numbers and variations. But which one is actually safer? Motorcycles that are built bigger or heavy motorcycles as they are called are relatively safer on the road because of their sizeable tires and more visibility. These safety advantages can help riders be noticed on the road compared to those right small light motorcycles. Heavier motorcyles also help in preventing a bike from getting stolen.

Safety is an important aspect that is considered by the majority. Although motorcycles, in general, can’t guarantee total protection in accidents, the bigger motorcycles could still be safer compared to lighter ones. Due to their size, big motorcycles have a more stable build. The larger tires gave more rubber covering the surface of the road. This makes it easier to drive even on wet and slippery roads. The grip of the rubber is more intense and reliable.

The big engine also contributes to faster acceleration can help riders to escape a delicate situation at a fast speed. Getting out of traffic is also an advantage of its engine. Big motorcycles are also known to have better brakes. Heavy modern bikes are equipped with disc brakes on the front and back making the brake system more effective. It is more safe compared to the conventional drum brake system at the rear wheel that many smaller bikes have.

In addition to those, heavier motorcycles also provide a higher survival rate for accidents. Nevertheless, heavy motorcycles still carry some cons. Larger motorcycles are built with extra powerful engines for a well-experienced rider, this strong engine however could be very intimidating and less safe for beginner riders. Beginner riders can have difficulty maneuvering this motorcycle in heavy traffic because of its weight. Beginners also often focused more on the controls rather than the road making the weight of the motorcycle heavier and more difficult to carry. The power of its engine could also surprise a beginner motorcyclist. Specific scenarios also contribute to danger like driving on un-tarred roads.

What’s the heaviest motorcycle?

There are a lot of heavy motorcycles in the market but the heaviest ever made is the Leonhardt Gunbbus 410 that has a dry weight of 1443.0 lbs. It has a V2 engine and four-stroke cylinders. It was released in 2014 and was described as ‘the most perfect combination of performance potential and well-balanced design’ by its creator. Its mechanical design is also one of a kind.

For cruiser motorcycles, the heaviest is the Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide Ultra that has a dry weight of 930 lbs and a 968 lbs wet weight. It is loved by riders for its classic appearance and strong engine which is an 11 V Twin engine.

The heaviest touring bike is the Indian Roadmaster that has a dry weight of 899.5 lbs. and a curb weight including fluids that goes up to 930.4 lbs. It has a 5.50 gallons fuel tank capacity and a V2, four-stroke engine.

What is the weight of motorcycles by cc?

Many people assume that motorcycles with lower CCs have a lower weight. In contrast to this, it actually isn’t. This is for the reason that motorcycles are built by different brands and components used in a motorcycle.

In a sports bike test data, the 250 cc measurement could be considered as the most basic in motorcycles. For a 250 cc motorcycle, it weighs an average of 350 pounds. For a 300 cc motorcycle, it weighs estimated lbs. of 350. 500 cc motorcycle is at an average of 410 lbs.

For heavier bikes at 600 cc, it could weigh as high as 450 lbs. Whereas an 800 cc weighs an average of 430 pounds. The estimated weight of a 1000/1100 cc motorcycle is around 400-500 pounds. 1200 cc motorcycles weigh 500-600 lbs. and lastly 1300 cc motorcycles could go as high as 650 lbs.

What is the lightest bike in the world?

The lightest adventure bike title is bagged by the BMW G310GS with a weight of 373.7 lbs. It boasts of its Ride by Wire technology that allows the engine throttle response to be efficient and trouble-free.

For cruiser-type motorcycles, the CCM Spitfire Bobber has the lightest weight which is 297.6 lbs. Its engine is a single-cylinder, four-stroke Bore x stroke – 100 x 76.5 mm. It features 500 individual Bobbers and TIG welded trellis frames. You will also be amazed by its low-slung dual exhaust system that will surely help cool down your engine for that hassle-free ride.

Nothing could be lighter than the Aprilia Sx50. It weighs 218 lbs. Get ready to be captured by the stylish design and strong performance of this small but terrible motorcycle. It highlights Aprilia’s high-performance engine. Its chassis is resistant to any road conditions. It is also made safe with its braking system that guarantees fast and safe braking.