I purchased this bike late one night the same way most of us do… after a few drinks, an ebay search and the placing of a bid that you would be happy to pay for said vehicle.

Two days later I got the notification that I won the bike… a bike that was over 1500 kms away from me down in South Australia (I live north of Sydney). I had no choice but to trust the seller, pay for the bike and organise transport with a cash on delivery basis.

Scary times!

The bike arrived complete with the promise it ran perfectly fine, it couldn’t be further from the truth. I was too scared to even try kick it over for fear of burning it down. Leaking carbs and I have never seen wiring done this way. Exposed wires, no fuses, a homemade reg/rec, loose connections everywhere and switches which must have been house light switches…

I dove deep into my wallet to rectify these and many more issues A full motogadget m-unit kit, all new ignition system, charging system, electric starter system, lithium ion battery and new switches with everything hidden in the dummy oil tank.

Removal of the 70s front end for a 2008 gsxr unit with a wide motard front wheel and big disk brake intended for a ktm 525. Weird combination but works brilliantly, especially when compared to the original suspension and brakes. It’s been a great fun bike to putt around on… after many failed roadtests whilst fault finding 🙂

Ps. I also attached one photo with the original front end

Submitted by Darcy Jury